Bad Luck Comes in 3's

Jenna Dale comes home from a normal day at school. Only to find that her life is about to be turned upside down- really fast.
Join Jenna on her search for her baby sister Alyssa. Will they find her or will they give in to her kidnappers, who have left a ransom note requesting €50,000?
Find out in this story.


1. The Day My Heart Stopped Beating.

Another great day of Secondary School. I drop my best friend Lilly home. That’s easy since she only lives next door. So I climb over her wall. I couldn’t wait to tell mum and dad about my day. I really wanted to tell my 6 month old sister Alyssa too, but she’s too young to understand!

But when I got over the wall, there were 3 police cars outside my house. I thought that was strange. But then I looked at the windows, they were all smashed. A sudden wave of panic came over me. Had we been robbed? Who did it? Why would they do it?

I let myself in the door and walked into the sitting room. My mum was sitting on the couch crying. My dad had the phone in his hand, with an agonizing look on his face. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked, my voice trembling. Mum and dad look at each other in pain. ‘Alyssa…’ dad sobs ‘They took Alyssa…’

‘Who took her? When? Where were you? How do you know they took her? Is she not upstairs?’

‘Jenna… We were in the house earlier. Your mum had Alyssa in her arms. 4 men broke into the house and demanded money. We wouldn’t give it to them so they snatched Alyssa out of your mothers hands. I tried to get her back but one of them knocked me to the floor. I can’t believe we wouldn’t give them money instead of our own daughter. God knows what they’ve done to her… I can’t bare the thoughts of it…’

‘Oh Dad don’t worry… we’ll find her… I promise…’

‘How do you know? You’re only 13 Jenna! Have a bit of sense will you?’

‘Only trying to help the situation that YOU CAUSED!’

‘How DARE you accuse me of handing over our daughter! I love Alyssa. She’s my very own daughter. Or at least she WAS before your father GOT US INTO THIS!’ mum retaliated.

‘Well Carrie if we had even given them a small amount it would’ve saved Alyssa but as usual, it’s all for yourself!’

‘So you’re suggesting I got Alyssa kidnapped?’

‘I’m not suggesting it, I’m stating it! Carrie Dale lost her daughter to save her money, what a headline eh Jenna?’

‘Dad… there’s no need to be like that… You can see that mum’s upset so why would you make it worse? Why are you blaming it all on her? You’ve been in jail 3 times… why couldn’t you beat them up? Get Alyssa back? Did you think of that?’ I interrupt, infuriated that he’d blame his own wife for getting her daughter kidnapped.

‘Don’t ever mention my time in jail Jenna, that’s my own business!’

‘Umm, yeah, right. My 6 month old baby sister has just kinda been kidnapped so if you don’t mind…’

Then suddenly one of the police officers burst in the door. He has a small piece of paper in his hand.

‘Mr and Mrs Dale, I would much prefer if you were both seated for this piece of news.’ He announces.

‘What’s that in your hand?’ mum asks

‘Sit down Mrs Dale’

‘We found this,’ he continues ‘On the windscreen of your car’


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