Bad Luck Comes in 3's

Jenna Dale comes home from a normal day at school. Only to find that her life is about to be turned upside down- really fast.
Join Jenna on her search for her baby sister Alyssa. Will they find her or will they give in to her kidnappers, who have left a ransom note requesting €50,000?
Find out in this story.


2. Ransom Note.

‘What is it?’

‘It’s a ransom note. They want €50,000 by next Tuesday or the child dies… I’m terribly sorry Mr and Mrs Dale…’

Mum looked as pale as a ghost, she slowly reached out and gestured for the police officer to give her the note. I looked over her shoulder, and written in scrawly writing was:

We took the child. We took it and we want money.

€50,000 by next Tuesday or the child gets it. You have been warned. Leave the money on your front step. We’re watching you.

 Signed: Hammer and Nails.

It sure is a scary, scary world. A strange shiver goes down my back, I then begin to feel very, very week. Everything goes black and my head hits the floor…

I wake in an ambulance, surrounded by strange people and my mum and dad. ‘What’s going on?’ I ask, slightly scared of my surroundings.

‘Did you find Alyssa?’ I ask ‘Is she alright?’

‘No sweetheart, don’t move. The note just came as such a shock to you that you passed out and badly damaged your arm. You’ll be fine Jenna don’t worry.’ Said mum softly

‘There are a few broken bones and she has a few scars on her head, but there’s no signs of memory loss or concussion.’ explained a doctor.

I had to admit, that doctor was kinda cute. He looked in his twenties. I would’ve asked him out, only for I’m a kid. Plus the fact I was LYING IN AN AMBULANCE WITH MY SISTER AFTER BEING KIDNAPPED AND THERE WAS NO WAY WE COULD GET OUT OF THIS SITUATION!

So I just lay there, wishing that this was all a dream. My world was turning upside down. Then I thought of poor little Alyssa. Out there somewhere on her own with 2 strange men. What have they done to her? Is she still breathing? No, Jenna, You can't think that way. No way.


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