Bad Luck Comes in 3's

Jenna Dale comes home from a normal day at school. Only to find that her life is about to be turned upside down- really fast.
Join Jenna on her search for her baby sister Alyssa. Will they find her or will they give in to her kidnappers, who have left a ransom note requesting €50,000?
Find out in this story.


3. Dig for her life.

Another newspaper comes through the mail slot. Yet another painful headline 'Dale baby still missung, no ransom paid!' This didn't surprise me at all. Those sleezebags would put anything on the cover to make money. They have no idea, just no idea as to what's going to happen next.

"Rise and shine everybody, today we're going to the woods!" shouted Dad.

"The woods???" I asked, "For what exactly?!?!"

"Most of these kidnapping cases always end up with a baby or child or even adult being hidden in the woods. So that's where we're going today" He explained

"Dad this is stupid they said they were holding her to ransom until Tuesday and it's only Saturday. Why do you have doubts about that?"

"Jenna, in most cases, the ransom is a cheating game. They want it in exchange for the child, but sometimes, before you give them the ransom... they kill the child. So we're basically paying them for killing Alyssa. I don't want to pay them and I know they've killed her."

"Dad... Why are you such a pessimist?? Why can't you just beat em up or something? Ask 'em where Alyssa is? Show 'em a little bit of what you learned in jail!"

"No Jenna, Violence is never the answer."

"Oh well look who's changed their ways from 4 times in prison? Murder, Murder, Assault and Robbery. And you say violence is never the answer?!?!"

"Look Jenna, we have to. Your baby sister is out there, helpless. If it was you, wouldn't you want us to save you?"

"Suppose.... Right let's go!"

Dad grabs 2 shovels from the shed.

"Shovel for Mom?!?!" I asked

"Don't need one. She's writing an account of what we're doing."


We drive about 4 miles to the woods. When we get there, I'm thinking... "Man.... Scary place eh?"

Tears are rolling down my cheek slowly. Could this be where my little 6 month old sister is? Is she breathing? Is she harmed? These are the questions I've dared to ask myself, for I know they're only harsh reality.

We get to a certain place and Dad says "Dig. I have a feeling... and it's not good"

I had  a feeling too, and believe me, that feeling was much worse. I felt like throwing up, fainting, dying. I wanted to put myself in Alyssa's situation. But I couldn't.

Dad keeps digging for about a half hour. Then he hits something hard. We exchanged looks. This was the end.

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