Being True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself that's the most important thing in life.


1. Being True to Yourself

                                                                   "Your Time is Limited

                                                     Don't waste it living someone else's life

                                                                       -Steve Jobbs

You cannot love anyone else until you love yourself nor could you be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself.

Many young people believe that to be accepted by there peers they drink when they know they shouldn't, behave inappropriately around just so they could be accepted  But mostly even after they do whatever they can to get accepted they don't even when there parents or there own common sense tell them that they are not worth going to so much trouble.

People change for many reasons even love but what is the point of changing yourself just to please people. When you know at heart that they don't love you meaning the person you really are and never will. When you do and act like the real you, you won't be happy with yourself and feel confused. The worst thing that can happened to you, is that you stop being yourself which can really hurt you. Even if it's your best friend and they don't like you for who you are then you must realise that they are not your best friend. Your best friend will like you for the way you are and will never ask you to change.

Others change because of there sexuality who cares if your gay or straight. What is the difference nothing I tell you. People try and change them self but it ends up hurting them. If you are gay and you feel ashamed to stand by your peers remember stay true to yourself.

One day everyone will die because time is limited but what is wrong if you live someone else life trying to fit it. Don't hurt anyone who is different to yourself because everyone is equal in god eyes and one day you will regret what you done. Life is so small yet priceless and you must live it to your own happiness because one day you will feel miserable about what you done and it may be too late.

Live to your own happiness and remember staying true to yourself if the most important thing in the world. Live the life you have and be proud of yourself because you are true to yourself and there is nothing more you can do about that. Remember stay true to yourself that is one of life rules. Be true to yourself because nothing in this world can change about that.

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