Dream Come True

I wish that someday I could be someone...


1. My Story

My favourite thing to do was sing, I would sing and sing and sing until my throat was sore. "So that's X-Factor over another year", said my mum Liz 

"Yeah, I should enter", I joked 

"you should you know, you'd be better than half of them on it this year

"I was joking?", I said as my mum picked up the phone to dial the number on our tv screen. "But you love singing Jess, I'm entering you"

"No  mum!",  I shouted as she put the phone to her ear, I was to late she was giving the person on the other end my details.


It was the day of the audition I was soooo nervous I almost walked away but it was my dream to be someone, and here was my chance.  It was so nerve-racking backstage as I watched all the other people going on and coming off stage some so happy they looked about to burst some so sad and quiet you didn't even notice they had come off stage some angry that they hadn't got through. It was my turn one of the producers gestured at me to go on stage.  I walked on shyly with my guitar and sat on the stool in the middle of the stage. Gary Barlow was the first to speak "hello" he said, "what's your name, how old are you and where are you from?" 

"I'm Jessica Miller, I'm 16 and I'm from Northern Ireland", I said  

"What are you going to be singing for us today Jessica?"


"Glad You Came by The Wanted"

"When your ready" 

I looked backstage at my mum as the music started.

The sun goes down the stars come out and all that counts is here and now.....

The judges seemed happy with my performance and the audience were on their feet clapping and cheering, I couldn't help but smile. "wow, you have talent!", said Tulisa clapping "you really got into the song and you looked like you were enjoying it" 

"thank you", I said.


"I agree with Tulisa it was amazing!", he said

"What about you Nicole?"

"Yes, yes yes yes! That is what we're looking for! That is what this competition is all about!", she exclaimed. Now it's Gary why do they always leave him 'til last?

"I didn't like it", he said, all the other judges looked at him as if to say WHAT? the smile didn't come off my face though I knew what was coming next.

"I didn't like because I absolutely loved it!" 

I was over-joyed with all the great comments.

"okay now for a vote, Louis?"



"100% Yes!"

"Complete Yes!!"

I had got through! I ran backstage having said my thank you's 

I gave everyone backstage a million hugs and me and my mum walked back to the hotel and told each other how we felt when I was on stage.



Next there was bootcamp I was scared if I was put up against someone with wayyyy more experience and a way better voice than me I'd be instantly out. Bootcamp was just a day away now so I decided to do some warm ups la la la la la. It was the day of the performance I was put up against a girl called Marie and she was 17. Oh my gosh I got through to the judges houses!!! 


Before I knew it it was the final, I sang my heart out and came third place. 

A few days after the final we were at home living a normal life again when we got a phone call from a record company! They wanted to hear me sing! So I went down there I sang and they wanted to take me on! I'm now working on an album and it's all thanks to The X-Factor. =]













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