The twigs cracked under feet as she raced through the dark forest, swerving the trees that seemed to grab at her clothes, ripping shreds of colourful fabric and dispensing them onto the leaf covered floor. Her breath came in sharp intakes, her lungs rattling, forcing her to stop. She leant against the tree and caught her breath, the blood pulsing through her head. She started to run again but something grabbed her foot. She shrieked and the trees shook vigorously as the birds flew into the dark, cold night. The grip on her leg tightened the more she tried to get it off. Another hand grabbed her throat, and her limbs were pulled into a star shape. The hands that pulled at every inch of her body kept pulling and the horrible sound of skin ripping echoed through the air. As her blood soaked into the ground, she stared at the night sky, the moon swirling. She used her last breath to scream as a creature appeared in front of her face. It leaned into her ear and whispered. "That's karma."


1. That's karma.

I searched the forest for my sister, worried that I may never see her again. I mean, we never meant to harm it. We were just messing around! They wouldn't really hurt her.... Would they. As I searched, my hope slowly disintegrated.The trees seemed to close in on me and everything shifted when my eyes landed on her. Her arms and legs were hanging from the tree like gory decorations and her blood had turned the leaves scattered on the floor deep red. Her legs, oh her legs, were ripped to shreds and thrown everywhere leaving only her bones and muscles intact. Her head took me awhile to find, but when I found it, I had to movie behind a tree to throw up. Her eyes had been yanked out of their sockets and were hanging out of her scratched face. Her lips were turned down into a grimace and her hair had been cut off. The strands of hair on the ground were shaped into letters, and I choked on the air around me. The letters read "That's karma." I ran straight back to the car and locked the doors. I slammed my foot down onto the pedal and finally let myself cry.

I arrived home after dark and fumbled with my keys, swinging open my door and slamming it shut. I lent against the old wooden door and put my head in my hands and sobbed. Those creatures, they killed her. I ran through my house until I reached my laptop. I opened the lid and found my blog. I had to warn them, everyone. I simply wrote:

"I fear my time with you is of the essence. I have stumbled across a race of tiny, angry creatures. I'm unable to tell you what they look like, but you'll know if you ever see them, but I hope you don't. Ever. They are powerful, and they took my sisters life. If you go down to the woods, don't disturb anything, don't burn anything, don't break anything and DEFINITELY don't go alone. I may not post again, but I hope you survive. 

Yours, in friendship and forever,

Opal x"

I read it over and stroked my cat which snaked around my legs, it's tail tickling my hand. Suddenly, she hissed and ran off, her fur fluffed up. I stood up, shocked, and knocked over my drink. I cursed and went into the kitchen to get a cloth to wipe it up. As I reached into the cupboard, I saw a flash of brown in the corner of my eye. I slowly closed the cupboard door and peered around the corner. I was met with a pair of flashing red eyes and I jumped back as a tiny claw scraped against my cheek. It ran into another room so I followed it and grabbed a knife that was on the table top. It turned and hissed at me, flinging something at the light bulb. It shattered and left us in complete darkness. I lashed out with the knife as I felt a rope tighten around my feet. Something knocked into my side and i lost my balance and plummeted to the floor. I screamed in agony as the knife I was holding stuck into my leg. The last thing I remember after that is a tiny blade glinting in front of my face.

I awoke to a clan of tiny goblin like creatures, all with their individual weapons, in a strong circle around me. I looked around and there seemed to be a creature for every branch and square foot of forest floor. I struggled against the that held me and groaned as the cut in my leg throbbed.The largest of the creatures walked towards me, it ugly face scrunched into a constant expression of hatred. "We have finally caught it!" It bellowed to the other goblins and then it spun back around grabbing my face in its hands. It's breath smelt like blood and everything bad you can think of and I had to force the urge to gag to the back of my mind. I remember hoping that it would just kill me, but no such luck. It grabbed a pointy twig that was attached to the thin piece of cloth around its waste. It stabbed my neck and I sobbed, my neck wet and warm with blood. I looked down and at the site of blood gushing down my shirt, I fainted again, their laughter echoing through my mind and entering my dreams.

So here I am, tied to a stake with a group of monsters laughing at me. The leader is coming closer and closer, their chants are getting louder.Please god, help me. The others are starting to move forward, their weapons raised and they're chanting "KILLER. KILLER. KILLER. DIE. DIE. DIE." Over and over, it's driving me insane. The leader is leaning into my ear and slowly stabbing me with a blade. my blood is gushing down my open neck wound again and he's opening his mouth to speak.I can't hold on much longer. He's whispering to me again. This time I'm going to listen. "That's karma." And then black.  



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