The Road to Perfection (#KeepingItReal Contest Entry)

Self esteem is something that's really hard to achieve, but pays off in the end.

If you've ever felt ugly, fat, mental, weird or just isloated, you're not alone. These things cause people to change their entire look and personality to fit it. But are you really happy with that? Don't you want to be different and have some self acceptance? Here's my journey through self esteem for the #KeepingItReal contest.


1. The Road to Perfection

The Road to Perfection

           When I hear the words Keeping It Real, I think of Lady Gaga, but your thoughts can be anyone.

           My urge to be different is actually what set me free. Having good self esteem plus originality is the combination you need...

           Now let me elaborate. I am at an age where people think popularity rules, being pretty is very important, and you have to be a perfect weight. Study shows that 85% of women aren’t happy with their body image. I’d like to think I am part of the 15% that are.

           My name is Amelia Neo and I’m here to share my story.

           When I was younger, I was never really the ideal weight. People would point and laugh. There were even moments when I thought going on diets and restricting food was a good idea. But there was this one girl, she showed me something different.

           She told me about the effects of dieting and anorexia. It honestly scarred me and she began to help me with my body issues. She was the reason I became confident and everyone that teased me became a nonexistent part of my life.

           I want to be your version of that girl.

           What she told me was along the lines of this: “When you’re out of school, nothing matters except your intelligence and personality. Popularity won’t determine your career, hard work and intelligence will. Your looks won’t matter in most careers so don’t stress. And Amelia, you’re amazing the way you are. Just tell yourself you’re great and anyone who doesn’t see that is blind.”

           I can honestly say I was so inspired and I did what she advised. I never looked back since then. It really breaks my heart when I see all my friends stressing about their looks. They’re always asking me why I’m so confident. There really isn’t a simple answer.

           I can’t say confidence comes without practice. You need to spend time telling yourself you’re amazing without being cocky. I know it may seem difficult but believe me; it pays off in the end. You’ll be so much freer, unbound by feelings of self-hate.

           There’s also the topic of people’s influences.

           One of the hardest things besides good self esteem is people’s opinions. I know this one girl who dresses a lot different than I do and she keeps trying to change me.

           I have to say, that isn’t me.

            Don’t you have that feeling to break out and be original?

            I know everyone is just trying to find their place in life –as am I– but there is nothing wrong with being different. I’m saying this and though I’m twelve and adults think I’m a stupid kid, I’ve been through a lot.

            I know in media ‘different’ is sometimes portrayed as a sin and one of the worst things ever. They make you believe skinny blonde girls with blue eyes and tan skin are the way to go. But in reality, different is what gets you the job opportunity and different is lands you that record deal.

            It doesn’t matter what you look like, but until you can say: I like the way I look, you won’t be fully happy. And makeup enhances natural beauty, not covers it up.

            I can’t say there won’t be haters. Everyone’s perspective on haters are different, but here’s mine: Haters are anyone who’s ever put you down for no valid reason. Haters are also most likely called bullies.

            “Haters are like sandpaper; they’ll scratch you up time and time again, but in the end you’re polished and spotless while they end up useless.”

            Haters can say the worst things about you, but in the end you’ll be amazing and they’ll be useless. If you don’t let their words bother you, nothing bad can happen. Just remember, they don’t matter.

            I also have a story to tell...

            At the beginning of this school year, I was done with being the same as everybody else, so I got a blue streak in my hair. It looked bizarre but people smiled. They thought I was really cool for doing something so daring. But there was this group of boys that kept calling me a freak and weird. I actually contemplated on dyeing my hair back to brown.

            Only, I realized why I did the blue in the first place, to be different. Being different is going to attract haters because some can’t deal with others looking wild and bold.

But if you ignore hate, you’ll be a masterpiece.

            I hope my stories have inspired you.

           Just know that you can only guide yourself through the road of perfection and though people say perfection doesn’t exist... It does. And it can be found in each and everyone one of us.

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