The bad luck shadow

This story is about a boy who always wanted to rule the world like his dad but when the night arrived, a strange voice whispers somthing. when the boy answers he finds that if he is ever going to rule the world he must betray his, mother. he refuses but that means he is jinxed with bad luck and hauntings.


1. The Bad Luck Shadow

My swapit name is awe5ome!

I knew this day would come. I knew that the night was nigh. Mother had always told me " Be patient young one. One must be patient. Your day will soon come." All my life I've been waiting for my moment and now it's gone. Never will I betray my mother. It went like this but please dont tell it to ANYONE!

It was midnight in my home town and I was alone, not a soul walked upon the pavement. I was heading for the graveyard. Once I had arrived I knelt at my father's grave and wept. I prayed to him in heaven and told that tonight was the night that the world would obey to me like he had before..........well anyway as I dryed my damp eyes I heard a deep, dark whisper. Slowly, it said "Neeevvveeerrr". I froze on the spot. I then felt and icy cold hand on my shoulder. I spun around to see what it was. All i saw was a dark figure swiftly exit behind a gravestone. I thought to myself "run, run now" but I didnt, I couldn't. Suddenly out of no where the voice said again " make a sacrafice. Kiiiillllllll YYooouuurrrrr MMOOTTHHEERR!!"
"NEVER!!" I yelled back, "I would never betray my mother like that!"
"suite yourself. Bad luck and fearfulness will come your way.!!"
Now I was really scared. I sprant back to my house and hid myself away in my bedroom.

Ever since that dreadful night, I've been haunted. Not the ghost and ghoul type, well maybe a little but ever scince that voice jinxed me with bad luck and fear, that is what comes my way. Take this morning for instance, I'm walking to school and I get a call from my brother saying stop slamming the door to my room as he's scared it will fall down (my brother is such a baby). I told him that I am on my way to school and if he looked out the window he would be able to see me. A minuet later a small head that was my brothers peared out of a window. when he had spotted me he started cryind and dissapeared from the window. That wasnt me slamming doors. Bad luck also came my way this morning. As I ate my breakfast, the cabinet door flew open and all its contents fell out too. If i hadnt leant forward at that presist moment the I could've been injured badly.

Days later, after many bad luck and haunting insidents, I was utterly fed up.

At the dead of night, I got the biggest knife I could find in the kitchen and walked upstairs into my mothers room. This was my only way of freedom. NO more fear and bad luck. As I lifted the knife with anger I thought "don't do it, killing your own mother just so you can rule the world?? may seem good but trust yourself, its not." I dropped the knife and went d=staight to bed. Ill never forgive myself for that.
The next morning I didnt go to school, I went to the graveyard. On the way an old lady stopped me and said " shouldnt you be in school young lady?" I ignored her and walked on. That was the last time I was seen...... ALIVE

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