My alternate life with MCR...

I have a friend, well, I did, once, and her dad bought some really weird stuff. Although neither of us ever counted on him buying a time-machine. I was your average 13 year old girl in 2012, living a fairly average life as one of the school 'emos' just because of the music I listened to, that music is My Chemical Romance, otherwise known as rock. I was, now, well, I went back to 1990 with a friend, to meet My Chemical Romance, to live in thier world, to influence thier lives.


1. How it all started...

I'm typing this up when the guys don't see, so that you people reading can know my story, our story, the story of how I met my idols My Chemical Romance and influenced thier lives and thier career. without me, and my friend Jodie of course, the guys wouldn't be where they are now, you wouldn't look up to them, they wouldn't be known, ever.

Well anyway, I suppose that you wanna know how I got here in the first place, well, I suppose I should start with my 'first life' huh? I was a kinda regular 13 year old, going to school in England, I was one of the school's 'emos' just because of the music I listened to, I was a fan of all rock/alt-rock music but I mostly listened to My Chemical Romance and so, every day, I had to put up with people saying various things like 'Get out of my sight, emo', 'Do you/ Have you ever cut yourself?', 'Do you like emo guys?', 'Are you always deppressed?', 'Do you want to die?'. Yeah, stuff like that, well anyway, now you know about my place in this school, you can understand why I didn't trust many people and only had a few friends. My best friends were Jodie, we met in year 8 through one of my other friends and were best friends since we met, she's a huge MCR fan as well and we've both watched 'Life on the murder scene' may I add. My other good friend was Alice, she was a hyper anime freak to put it simply, we tended to get so crazy and hyper around each other and she was a little strange and weird, her dad bought some weird stuff and we sometimes joked about what he would get next. It was a Monday morning when everything really started, I was half asleep because I hadn't had time to grab some coffee before I got shoved out of the house by my mum, the glasses I had recently got were kinda wonky so I started fixing them before I got attacked by my friend Alice, sadly, she found me first and I almost dropped my glasses. I glared at her for a second with my 'I'm completely not amused' face for a minute before asking "Okay... what's so awesome? new episode of Hetalia?" I guessed, pretending to play the chords to 'Welcome to the black parade' on my messenger bag strap that was decorated with the 'zones badges' which I had got a bit before Christmas. "Nope. My dad bought... A time machine!" she said, a crazy hyper grin on her face. I raised an eyebrow at her "Seriously Raider? I'm not that gullible" I said, rolling my eyes at her. "No, I can prove it! Ya know those Queen memorabilia tickets I got in a book?" she asked, clearly eager to convince me that her dad had bought a time machine. "Yeah..." I said, of course I knew about it, she hadn't stopped blabbing about it for at least a week. "Well, look, it got signed! I went to the concert!" She announced, waving the ticket in my face and god-damn, she was right. "Jesus! Seriously!" A voice said beside me, I jumped slightly but clamed down when I saw that it was just Jodie. "Right guys, talk to your parents after school, you're coming to mine and we're gonna go, rock history and generally piss people off!" Alice said. Once again I ask myself: 'What drugs is she on?!'.

Later that night, it was about 5pm, my parents didn't care where I went, as long as I was back for 9pm, I could ensure that with a time machine. Me, Alice and Jodie were studying the supposed time-machine, it looked like a little box with a wacom bamboo tablet attatched to it. "Okay, where do you guys wanna go first?" Alice asked, tablet pen ready to write. I could see Jodie do some mini silent claculation before she replied "Belleville, New Jersey, 1991, Gee would be 14, Mikey would be 12 and Alice, if there's some kind of faliure, just leave us there will you?" Jodie reported. Alice nodded in agreement and handed us each a funny space-age looking bracelet before writing our destination and time into the time-machine. "We can contact eachother whenever, wherever, using these. If I do leave you there, if anything changes 'cuz of you, I'll contact you using these." she said, we both nodded in agreement and put our hand on the box like Alice had done. I felt something move, my vision went blurry and I felt a little sick but apart from that I was okay. That was when reality hit me, I was going to get left, with Mikey and Gerard Way, in New Jersey, in thier childhood.

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