My alternate life with MCR...

I have a friend, well, I did, once, and her dad bought some really weird stuff. Although neither of us ever counted on him buying a time-machine. I was your average 13 year old girl in 2012, living a fairly average life as one of the school 'emos' just because of the music I listened to, that music is My Chemical Romance, otherwise known as rock. I was, now, well, I went back to 1990 with a friend, to meet My Chemical Romance, to live in thier world, to influence thier lives.


3. Coffee machines and Helena.

We were told by our 'parents' that we would be starting school in a week, we were going to one of the nearest roman-catholic schools in the area. Now let's pause everything here for a moment while I introduce our adoptive parents, Arianna and Kristopher Wilbourne. I soon got used to referring to them as mum and dad, just so you know. Arianna had long, slightly puffy strawberry blonde hair, she had pale skin, lively green eyes and she never seemed to have make-up on, she just made it look natural, she had a slightly upturned nose and pointed eyebrows. She was a very nice person but could be strict if she wanted to be, she was also a very hard-working person and never gave up, ever. She worked full-time at the nearest children's hospital and loved her job. Kristopher had slightly tanned skin from growing up in Texas and an accent to match. He had coffee brown hair which was fairly short and he had hazel eyes. He owned a small bookshop in the centre of town and so, I got free books! Pretty awesome right? Well, anyway, we had just about settled in, our first proper day here and we were already bored. Luce had gone back to sleep after I accidentally kicked her in the face when I got up because I had got the top bunk. I however was sat at the desk, the light from the small window trickling through the curtain and onto the book I was reading, it was a book that Alice had given me one time, about a vampire who gets another life as a human. I flicked the pages slowly as I read, must have been about half an hour later when I heard some form of movement outside, I put the book down slowly and made my way downstairs into the kitchen, our parents had left for work just a little before, saying that they would be a while. I rummaged around in the cupboards for a minute, trying to find cereal and coffee, memorizing where things were as I went. I eventually did find a coffee machine, but sadly, it refused to co-operate with me. I gave up on the food search and wandered into the lounge to check the small clock on the shelf, 9:30am. I walked through the house, checking all of the rooms, including the basement, which was too dark to see, even with the little light on, I headed back upstairs and started drawing, at first I was just drawing a girl but she managed to get turned into Helena, like from the music video, well anyway, I was almost finished colouring her in when I got a book to the back of the head. "Are you an idiot!? You can't draw Helena!" Luce hissed at me, snatching up the drawing as I rubbed the back of my head, thankfully, the book wasn't that heavy and so all it did was give me a minor headache, I could live through it. "Why not? What am I supposed to draw?" I whined, trying to grab the piece of paper off Luce. "Because, we don't want to alter the future that much." Luce explained, ripping the drawing up and throwing it into the bin in the corner of our room. "So what your saying is that anything my chem related is a waste of time, space, paper and pencils until they form the band?" I asked, Luce thought about this for a minute before replying "Nix, for once, you're exactly right." She said grinning before trotting down the stairs and going to get ready for our walkabouts. 

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