Brain Farts Trending

Sniff whats that smell ... wait has Benjy Farted again !?! The Fourth Brain Fart in the Series.. lets get this party trending..


1. #This time last year ...

By Zeus its hard to believe around this time last year I put together #BrainFarts.. Not gonna lie am disappointed that am not rich  surrounded by honey dips right now.

I thought the whole crew of Dragons' Den, would of called me up for a game of Golf, NO!  I believed Sir Alan Sugar would of invited me round for wine tasting, NO!  Maybe  kim kardashian would of shagged me, and told all too the Sun. NO!

 Is an OBE from the Queen too much to ask, for all my hard work !?! #Meh


I know I can count on you, dear reader. To spread the word of #BrainFarts and make me Trend!



#Disclaimer - #BrainFarts is for entertainment and not designed to offend.  If you are upset by any of the tweets,

you really don't have life in perspective and thus should just end it #Yolo       


Kind regards      




Highly talented...just incredibly lazy.

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