Brain Farts Trending

Sniff whats that smell ... wait has Benjy Farted again !?! The Fourth Brain Fart in the Series.. lets get this party trending..


3. #Me

Now this may seem a little self induglent but hey Twitter placed the new icon on there so blame them. Many ask "Benjy I dont get Twitter?."

Its simple when I first joined I used it to try and sprend knowledge and experiences but than I just started to Rant! And for someone reason the most retweeted tweets I've tweeted ( Whooa thats a tongue twister) have been my most hateful rants ... go figure. You guys are twisted!


Chances of me going Postal today is at 75% #KindlyFuckOff


Trust that the Bint with stale cock breath wants to start a conversation #Dirtbreath


Yeah bruv am in Oz for like 9 days how much monies should I take... 3 G ..when did KFC become so expensive ...


just because I wanna kick ugly people in the neck when I drink doesnt mean am angry.... #SameSame


I love missing my Tube cause some kont just realised that the ticket gate only works when you produce a ticket #StupidPeople


Nothing like a fresh trim to let you know its fucking freezing outside!!! #GetBenjyAHat


By zeus surrounded by loud stupid people fucking hell! If it was legal for me to shot people you'll be dead #KindlyFuckOff


As soon as I finish the Honey JD and Apple Punch JD I'll go back to boring George.. until than PARTY!!!!


Suk a Dik is not the best response when your manager points out your late ... #LuckyITurnedUp


Fuck Glastonbury2013 am going Bestival2013 .... Stupid kont website #GlastoTickets


Glasto Sold out ....... are you taking the fucking piss  #FUCKYOU


Well since Ive stopped sending Dik pics and calling woman Bitches, Ive had a better result, who would of known #FemaleProblems


10ft deep puddle covered by leaves ... Not even got a wet foot ....  #Kont


Am I the only one , when hearing a child cry thinks Shut the fuck up rather than whats wrong !?!? #ShutYoKidUp


You know the routine ! Belt loosen, trouser top button undone ... Shredded pork Udon noodles about to get Merked differently #GetBenjyFed


Yup speedy noodles chick is looking at me asif I had a shit in her corn flakes ... What's the Beef !? #SerivceWithAScrewFace  


You guys are being denied some quality Tweets cause my #BBM is acting like a Tit #FixUpLookSharp


Now this Dikhead wants to share his throat aids with everyone on carriage ... #StupidPeople


Way too many Dikheads at MileEnd station I'll wait while you go through your Manbag to find your Oyster.. Like fuck #MoveBitchGetOutTheWay


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