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Sniff whats that smell ... wait has Benjy Farted again !?! The Fourth Brain Fart in the Series.. lets get this party trending..


2. #Favorites

This section shows the wonderful things you lot say that make me chuckle on the tube like a mad man. You should follow them.


Slut-dropping to Classical FM” lol slut dropz  @LUCA_BARBETTA


I stole an iPhone In my dream last night and ended up on crimstoppers #YIKES @Campaignstace


Today was one of those days that makes me think I should have taken the money and spent a year sat around in my pants. @Lloytron ‏




BRB......just knocking one out over Caroline flack @MarkBlagsound    


I'm sorry but i can't retweet you, you spelt a word wrong @HanDottt


trust you to enjoy dick bashing! #benjydicksnogger @rg055    


#DescribeYourFriendsInOneWord DeadInMyBasement @ghero46


I know this is a sweeping statement, but people from south of the river are fucktards @wrongon79      


Blud, if I don't see u before the babies 7th DAY.... Its BEEF!! I WILL merk u! U have been warned!@Char_Pearson


  I want some fancy cocktails to make me feel slutty.@LUCA_BARBETTA    


I am a cunt.@piersrnorgan    ‏


MDMA deffo stands for the three things you need whilst on it. Mates. Dance Music. Ale.@Songbirdx    


Lady keeps turning her head and giving me the turn ur music down eyes! I'm looking straight back giving my FUCK YOU eyes!@Bucky_Dean


I hate to admit it but sometimes @BenjyWam is right not very often… @wrongon79    


Nothing gets my dick hard like getting a crisp English tenner out of a Scottish bank machine.@LUCA_BARBETTA    


Then we are meeting Brad Pitt cause he likes the idea. Unfortunately he doesnt fit any of the characters so ill have to let him down gently ‏@FUTUREMattie    


Oreos. First you twist it, then you- shit, it broke.@Will123_    


@BenjyWam me and you need to make a Charles and Eddie tribute act!@LUCA_BARBETTA    


Need to get the birthday suit ready soon... ( o ) ( o )@lyricalisms    


If anyone is plannin' to go up on Dragons' Den to get an investment, do us a favour and answer the question, please?..That is all :-)@mo_whufc10    


Fruitella is a badman sweet @Joe_Martin95


  I wish I had more hands so I can give them titties 4 thumbs down!!! #RickJamesBitch ‏@Char_Pearson    


Glad my 30 yr old self is boarding the plane to head straight to a club cuz 20 yr old me would probably be showing too much nipple rite now.@lyricalisms    


housewives of orange county are so bitchy omg i would actually kick every one of them in the face @HanDottt    


Don't you hate when you offer someone your help, and they say yes?! @Talking_Teddy


  I want a free pussy riot...@LewisJDonovan    


Tomorrow, Todd Akin explains that legitimate murders don’t cause death.@jbouie


Time to poo out my hangover‏ @Jennycakee

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