Katie,Bella and Amy have been best friends since forever and they want to keep it that way but Katie gets invited to a 1D concert things get tricky as she can only bring one friend...


1. Bella

Hi.I am Bella and I am 17.I have two best friends called Katie and Amy.They are the kind of girls who love gossip but would never tell anyone your secrets.We all have an obsession with One Direction.That is what brought us together.We were at a concert and I stamped on Katie's toe and I broke it.Then Katie collapsed onto Amy while I was repeating "I am so sorry,I am so sorry"some way to meet your best friends.We discovered that we lived in the same area and from then on we just became more and more tight.It is the kind of friendship that many girls would kill for.We are 3 lucky girls really as all of our family's are rich and we live in huge,stately homes and we are all happy,with perfect boyfriends who are also best friends.It works out pretty well for us and nothing will ever tear us apart...

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