Katie,Bella and Amy have been best friends since forever and they want to keep it that way but Katie gets invited to a 1D concert things get tricky as she can only bring one friend...


4. 1D tickets

I was sitting in my adoption home.My 'mum' walks upstairs and gives me an envelope.I see a 1D logo on it.I think that this may be from Amy.She has all of the latest 1D merch. Wait. The name and adress was typed out.This is not from Amy.I open it.There are 2 1D tickets inside...OMIGOD I HAVE ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!!!!!Oh wait........I only have means that I can only take one of my besties.Oh no.How am I ever going to choose?? What am I going to do??I am going to get another ticket or I am going to make an awful choice between my best friends.....

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