Like Something Off A Poster

Liam Payne fanfic: 17 year old Maya is having so much trouble in high school; socially and academically. One thing she knows for sure is that she LOVES the band One Direction. When she notices something different about her Liam Payne poster's eyes, she finds out that Liam has been, well, watching her. She and Liam become best friends and soon fall for each other. But dating an international pop star has it's challenges, and as far as Maya's concerned, she faces them all. Yeah no the story's better...


8. You'll Find Her

Maya's P.O.V.
I opened the door to Zayn's room. Louis had followed me in. He had the duvet over his shoulders, and a pillow over his head. 
"Hey, buddy, what happened?" I asked him, sitting on the edge of the bed. 
"I-I made a stupid mistake. P-Perrie broke up-up with m-me," Zayn stuttered. I gave him a hug. 
"Aww, Zayn, was it the rumors about you and that Australian-"
"-Yeah. I wish I hadn't done it. She broke it off with me. I-I feel so stupid."
"Aww, Zayn, if you guys can't get through this rough patch, then maybe you guys aren't right for each other. Keep looking, Zayn. You'll find her. In the meantime, you have millions of girls that would give an arm to be with you, so you have a selection to keep you occupied," I told him as he sobbed into my shoulder. 
"You know Zayn, that before El, I had this girlfriend I was confident I was going to marry. Then I saw a text she sent someone. It said, "Louis is so annoying. I can't stand him anymore. The only reason I stay with him is because he's hot." when I found out the text was fake, she wouldn't take me back because I didn't believe her, I believed the text. It looked pretty real. Now I have Eleanor. I'm confident you'll find your Elie one day." Louis took my place and hugged his best friend. Zayn sat up a bit.
"You guys just took my pain, stomped on it, threw it in the garbage can, and burnt it. Thank you! Let's go get some food. I don't want Perrie to win," Zayn popped out of bed and we followed him. After I made meatballs with meat sauce and pasta, served it, and ate dinner with the boys (which consisted of nothing but small talk), they all sat down to watch Despicable Me on TV. Liam took my hand and silently led me to his room. The stars' hotel suite was huge. It was bigger than a large apartment. Liam sat me down on one of the twin beds. He took the spot next to me and took my hands in his. 
"I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a Lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down. My three words have two meanings, and there's one thing on my mind, it's all for you, oh oh." Liam sand Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" to me. It was beautiful. 
"And out of all these things I've done, I will love you better now," he finished. 
"Wow, Liam, that was incredible!" I was amazed at how talented he was, even without the effects of the recording booth.
"You're incredible." I blushed a deep pink and looked away.
"I have a question for you." Liam said. 
"What's that question?" 
"Will you go out with me?"

A/N: Hey guys :) hope you liked my semi-early update! So suggestions Kik me at _maya_payne  :) ~Maya xx

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