Like Something Off A Poster

Liam Payne fanfic: 17 year old Maya is having so much trouble in high school; socially and academically. One thing she knows for sure is that she LOVES the band One Direction. When she notices something different about her Liam Payne poster's eyes, she finds out that Liam has been, well, watching her. She and Liam become best friends and soon fall for each other. But dating an international pop star has it's challenges, and as far as Maya's concerned, she faces them all. Yeah no the story's better...


4. For The First Time

Liam's P.O.V. Finally. I would be able to meet her in person. That was all I thought about while sitting on the flight to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. I had my headphones in. Of course, I had every song of ours and others on my iPhone. I was scrolling through our songs and saw "More Than This" which was Maya's favorite song of ours. When I first saw her she was singing this song. I put it on loop. Every inch the plane moved, I was an inch closer to her. I got her number, so when we finally landed I texted her. 'Me: hey babe, we just landed at Ft. Lauderdale. Meet me at the park outside the Ritz in two hours, we can meet for real! xx Liam' I immediately got a text back. 'Maya<3: Omg Liam I am so excited! Two hours it is! xx Maya' I smiled at this. Niall gave me a confused look. "What's up mate? You okay?" he asked. "Oh, yeah, nice comments on Twitter. That's all," I said. Niall nodded and got his own iPhone 5 out. Paul got us all matching phones on the same service, we had too much confusion before. For his birthday we got him a One Direction case for the iPhone 4S...oh well. Maya got the 5 too...I was thinking about her again! Everything got me thinking about her. We all talked as we drove towards the hotel. "Maybe I'll meet Maya down here! She lives in Florida!" Niall said cheerily as we got to our hotel. We got our bags, checked in, and went to our room. I had half an hour before I met Maya for real. I put on a plaid shirt with jeans and Converse. Perfect. "I'm going out, I have my phone if you need me," I said to no one in particular. The boys nodded, they were in the middle of the card game BS (A/N: Anyone else love BS? Best card game ever in my opinion! Haha xx). Our driver drove me to the park. I thanked him and got out. I took the flowers I had bought for her on the way with me. I sat on a large rock by a stream. I took in my surroundings. The grass was so green and the stream was softly tricking. The field nearby was perfect. There were trees all around. The smell was of a rainforest, even though it was a park. Everything was also so flat. There where no hills or anything! "Liam?" a familiar voice said. I turned around to see Maya. She was dressed almost exactly like me! A plaid shirt, jean shorts, and Toms. "Maya!" We ran and hugged each other. Her body fit perfectly with mine. "This is amazing! Here, for you," I said, handing her the flowers. "Thank you Liam! They're beautiful! I have something for you too!" she said and reached into her bag. She pulled out a plastic bag full of cookies. "YES! Thank you so much!" I exclaimed. I wanted to try her cookies ever since she was eating one in her room. She said that when we would meet in person I would get a cookie. I reached into the bag and pulled out two cookies. I handed her one and started the countdown. "One," "Two," she said. "Three!" we said in unison and took a bite. I was in heaven. "This is the best cookie I have ever tasted," I stated firmly in between bites. She smiled. "Thank you! It was a special batch just for you!" Maya said. I smiled. We finished our cookies and she pulled out her phone. "Music?" she asked. "Of course!" I said. She shuffled all of her songs and somehow landed on "For The First Time," which perfectly described our situation. The song title, anyway. We sang along. Then, "They Don't Know About Us" from our second album, Take Me Home started playing. Also fit our situation. None of the boys knew about us, even if we weren't exactly dating or anything. "Let's play guess the song!" Maya suggested. I nodded enthusiatically, I loved that game! First song she played was "Kiss You" also from Take Me Home. We sang along. "Or you just wanna, take me home, baby say yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, and let me kiss you!" we sang. We kept playing for hours. It was 6:00, we had been in the park for five hours! "Hey, do you want to meet the rest of the boys?" I asked. "Of course! I'm guessing I'm supposed to say that we met at a park though," she said. "Yeah, for now," I said. She nodded. I called the driver. He was here in a matter of minutes. Maya and I climbed in. We had small talk with the driver until we got to the hotel. We thanked him, and we went to the room. Time for her to meet the boys. A/N: Hey everyone! I know it doesn't look like it normally does when I update, I'm updating from my phone. Sorry I haven't updated in forever, school, Instagram, etc. My Instagram is: @liams_turtle_named_maya if you want to follow me! (I'm private though, but I let almost anyone follow me) My 1D Instagram is" @liams_awesome_turtles which isn't private! xx -Maya

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