Like Something Off A Poster

Liam Payne fanfic: 17 year old Maya is having so much trouble in high school; socially and academically. One thing she knows for sure is that she LOVES the band One Direction. When she notices something different about her Liam Payne poster's eyes, she finds out that Liam has been, well, watching her. She and Liam become best friends and soon fall for each other. But dating an international pop star has it's challenges, and as far as Maya's concerned, she faces them all. Yeah no the story's better...


12. Doctor Who

Maya's P.O.V.
one month later

I'd been spending as much time as I could with the boys before they left. They were here for a week, and then they were off to Atlanta for the rest of the tour. Liam and Niall were gradually making up, and Niall kept his distance.

 It'd been a month of waiting for a Skype call, or even a poster message before I finally lost hope in them ever communication with me again. It was the first day of summer, and I sat in my room, tears rolling down my cheek as I thought of the short but wonderful time I had with them. 

"Maya? There's someone at the door! Can you get it? My hands are dirty, your brother spilled the milk on the floor again," my mother called. I trudged downstairs to open the door. 

"Oh my gosh," I muttered. He had a wide grin on his face. 

"Miss me?" Liam asked, smirking. Surprisingly enough, I smacked him in the face. 

"Where the hell have you been? I've been trying to get in touch with you all month! What's your problem?" I told him of, his smug expression fading away quickly.

"We wantedto surprise you! The guys are waiting in the li-I mean, car. Come on!" Liam defended.

"I'd rather watch Doctor Who," I crossed my arms at my chest, turning away slightly. Liam's answer was the most surprising of all.

"Matt Smith or David Tennant?" 

"David Tennant!" we cried in unison. I turned around to the interior of my house. 

"Mom, I'm going out for the day! See you later! I'll be home before midnight! If not I'll let you know!" not waiting for an answer, I ran outside with Liam towards the longest, blackest limo that could possibly exist.

"Holy crap," I muttered. Liam looked down at me, grinning once again. 

"Well, we best be off. Allons-y (A/N:   This means "let's go" in French, according to the 10th regeneration of the Doctor. It is his most commonly used phrase)!" Liam quoted, and skipped off towards the limo. I followed, and the expression on my face was of pure happiness. 

I saw each of the boys, all smiling at me. Liam took the seat next to Zayn, and I sat next to Harry. I hugged the all of the boys, and it seemed as though the tension between Niall and me had melted away.

"Oh my goodness. It is so nice having famous friends," I whispered to myself. We had some small talk and caught up, before Louis answered my burning question that I hadn't been given the opportunity to ask.

"We rented a flat here, our Los Angeles recording studio went bankrupt, and the new place is down here. We'll be here for a couple of months for recording!" he said. I bit my lip and smiled. 

"Yay! No more poster messages for us!" I said, and they all chuckled. 

"Speaking of which, I found this girl who luckily enough lives in South Florida. Um, do you know someone named Dani?" asked Zayn. 

"Yeah! She's a good friend of mine. You wanna meet her?" I asked. He nodded eagerly. 

"It will be arranged," I said, sounding as official as possible. The driver pulled in to the reserved parking lot. We all got out and ran to the building. 

"I call the elevator button! Louis called. Harry looked broken. 

"You said I could do it this time," Harry pouted. Niall and Zayn rolled their eyes and Liam looked amused. 

"Alright," Louis huffed. Harry's face broke into a smile. 

"Honestly, you both look in your early twenties, but you're actually turning five next birthday," said Niall. We rode up the elevator much to Harry and Louis's pleasure. We walked into the apartment, or flat, and I gasped. It was almost ten times bigger than the hotel room, and was decorated in a modern fashion. 

"Guys, this is beautiful," I commented. 

"Oh! I almost forgot! Maya watches Doctor Who too!" said Liam, pulling me back to reality. There were groans and eye rolls and 'not again's with Liam's words. 

"Fine then. We'll go watch in my room," Liam huffed, and turned on his heel. I followed behind quickly in the same manner. We walked into Liam's bedroom and sat on the king-sized bed. We sat watching season four on Netflix and eating the popcorn we asked Harry to bring us. I texted my mom that I would be staying the night, right before I called Domino's for dinner. 

A/N: *hiding behind the couch* I'm sorry! I am so, so, so sorry that I haven't updated in so long! I got sidetracked since we got a Netflix account and I started watching Doctor Who and got into Harry Potter again and watching Sherlock! My inner nerd is revealed! Yeah I know I'm weird...sorry. Okay I will try to update on a more regular basis, but I got a Wattpad account and my username is Pottervian. Only if you like Doctor Who/Harry Potter. Also Kik me at _maya_payne with suggestions! Love you all XD <3 ~Maya xx

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