Like Something Off A Poster

Liam Payne fanfic: 17 year old Maya is having so much trouble in high school; socially and academically. One thing she knows for sure is that she LOVES the band One Direction. When she notices something different about her Liam Payne poster's eyes, she finds out that Liam has been, well, watching her. She and Liam become best friends and soon fall for each other. But dating an international pop star has it's challenges, and as far as Maya's concerned, she faces them all. Yeah no the story's better...


9. Dinner

Maya's P.O.V.
"Um...I...well..." stuttering on my words, I tried to say yes to Liam's question. 
"I...I don't know what to say," was all that managed to stumble out of my mouth.
"Oh...okay then." Liam's eyes drooped and he looked like a Hush Puppy dog. I gave him a hug. 
"Of course I will Liam! The question just shocked me. I was not expecting that!" I exclaimed hastily. I couldn't let him be upset. His eyes lit up and he embraced me back. 
"Yay!" He kissed me all of the sudden, and I jumped back. He looked confused. 
"What's wrong?" Liam asked, concerned. 
"I-I...don't know, you scare-I mean, surprised me...I'm sorry..." I trailed off.
"Why'd you jump back?"
"I'm not sure, to be honest."
"Wait...was this your first kiss?" Liam asked, a smirk creeping up to his face.
"Don't worry. I think it's cute!" he scooted over to put his arm around me. I don't know why...I just felt uncomfortable. 
"I'm gonna go make dinner now," I said uneasily. He smiled at me warmly. I got up from the bed, and awkwardly walked out, leaving Liam alone.
"Yes!" I heard him say as his head hit the middle of the bed. I walked into the kitchen when Niall put his arms around my waist. 
"Um...please don't." Niall looked confused. 
"Why not babe?"
"Please don't call me that."
"Why not?"
"Because Liam asked me out," I blurted out. 
"What?!" Niall and Zayn said. Harry smiled at me. 
"Congrats!" Louis came and hugged me. Liam came out of his room at that moment. 
"Can I talk to you for a moment, Liam?" Niall asked. It was obvious he was bothered by this. 
"Sure, Niall, Maya was just going to make dinner anyways." Liam and Niall walked into Niall's room. I walked into the kitchen to see what Liam had bought to make food with. 
I saw he had assorted dry fruits and lamb amongst other things. My mom had taught me a perfect recipe for lamb stew with dried plums when I was in my "Hunger Games" phase. I readied everything in the matter of 15 minutes, then let it cook. It would take about 45 minutes, so I decided to make dessert. Thank goodness Liam had bought a lot of chocolate. I made chocolate sauce to dip fruit, marshmallows, and pretzels in, and I made a native-to-Florida key lime pie. By then I had already finished with the stew, I had been letting it cool while the pie was baking. I made a quick Caesar salad with homemade croutons made of sourdough bread. 
"Boys! Dinner's ready!" I evenly divided the food into six plates. I put the leftover food in it's pot and bowl on the table and brought the plates out. I took my place next to Liam and we started eating. 
"So, how is it guys?" A chorus of "fantastic" "brilliant" "excellent" rang thought the room. I smiled triumphantly. 
"It's been a while since we've had a real meal like this. We usually get McDonald's and shut up about it," Louis said in between bites. 
"Well here you have it," I said. We ate and talked until everyone was finished.
"I made dessert, guys." I got up and took out smaller plates and vanilla ice cream. I brought that to the table. I went back into the kitchen to retrieve the pie and chocolate  dip. The boys dug in the second I put it down on the table. 
"Yuh shod guh teh culrinary skul," Niall said with his face stuffed.
"Do I really need it?" I asked sarcastically. When we finally finished, the boys retreated to their rooms until it was only Niall and me left. 'Oh God." I thought. 

A/N: What was that. That was a horrible chapter I'm so sorry guys I had nothing I'm sorry don't hate me for that. I'm having writer's block help Kik me at _maya_payne :) xx Maya

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