The Lucky One. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry styles finds the girl of his dreams.


1. The Contest , and the concert. (Short) (Chapter1)

Its Gotta Be Youu!!!!!!!! you scream along with the crowd. Harry finished his lines . You are having the best  time ! You have front frow tickets, and amazing music to listen too!Harry removed his mic from his mouth after his lines. She`s Hot , and adorable!Harry says  And points  at you. She won the contest! Louis yells! Yeah The One In The Blazer !in the  Front row! Lou yelled . You looked around , you were the only girl wearing a blazer in the front row. Louis saw I was confused and said the first seat. I Was in the first seat.Harry Pulled you up on stage by lifting you up. He lifted you off you feet . He looked into your eyes, His dimples and your dimples poped out.  You both smiled :) and blushed. He sang to you on stage , and played with your hair on stage. After the concert the boys took you back stage. The guys left you and Harry in a room just you two. Hello Harry :) , you said . And harry just grabbed your soft face and kissed it. You kissed for a while . Well Im Adrianna:) . Hi Adrianna. Harry said.Well ... Wow you so hot.... your just ... Oh my god , your just adorable . He looked down and then looked into your eyes and smiled. So Now that your my girlfriend .... he said and smiled in a cheeky way. Yes , Now that I`m your girlfriend.You replied and smiled at him. You hold his and tight and squezee his hand, as he introduces you to The boys.  I`m Adrianna . I Said. I Know who you are , You said as you laughed with them. Well Adrianna Is My girlfriend now so BACK OFF! Harry says and kisses you on the lips . You tell your mom that your dating Harry , and you wont be home for a while because you are going on tour with him. Harry? Babe where am I Gonna sleep on the tour bus, I Dont have a bed. You say. Its okay you can sleep with me , were dating right ? He said. yeah, okay thanks Hazza .You reply. You Hop into bed because your super tired. You faced Harry . Good Night. You Say . Good NIght the girl of my dreams ..... I love you. Harry said. I Love you too , good night boy of my dreams . You say and you fall asleep facing each other.

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