The Lucky One. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry styles finds the girl of his dreams.


3. Dreams Do Come True

I brushed my  teeth while humming What Makes You Beautiful. I Ironed my silky , shiny brown hair. I Put on my light blue crop top , denim shorts, and a pair of black Vans. We got into Harry`s Audi R10. My hair blew in the wind. I put on my sun glasses , so did Harry. They were matching glasses . He pulled the keys from the egnition. He walked out and opened my door. He stuck out his hand . I grabbed it and he pulled me out of the car. Thanks Babe . I said  then kissing him after. I ran my hand through his curly hair. I stared into his green eyes. He then smiled and stared into my hazel eyes. Then he said those 3 words that I was just about to say. I Love You. I Love you too I said. He picked me  up and twirled me around. I Then jumped on his back and he gave me a piggy back ride all the way to the ice cream cart. We both order a mixture of chocolate and vanilla, with rainbow sprinkles in a cone. My ice cream dripped on his Converse . Oh Harry! I am so sorry ! I didn`t mean to - to do that Sorry darling! I told him. It`s okay , no problem, I can clean it . He said to me in reply. No we can clean it together. I said to him making him smile, and blush. I ran and got a bunch if napkins We wiped it all up ,and finished our ice cream. Swings ? He asked me with a cheeky smile. Sure he swept me off my feet and we ran to the swings. we took of our shoes and let our feet run through the warm, light sand. I sat on his lap.I tilted my head back and kiss him. I mouthed I Love You and he did it back to me. I had never thought that my celebrity crush since 2010 , That I would be dating you.Harry I love you , I never thought dreams come true like this but,Dreams Do Come True. I said and grinned . Adrianna i met the girl of my dreams  it is you , its you I`m in love with you .He told me we grinned and spent all day with each other.


Thanks for reading :) :) xxxx

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