4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


18. Silence

 Chapter 18


From outside I saw the clouds still gloomy and gray filled with raindrops, ready to release as the sky turned darker and darker. The windows were marked with rain each drop falling carelessly to the edges of the glass. I placed my fingers over them my hands feeling nothing but the dry window. I blinked and looked around the room remembering that I had fallen asleep on Niall and Louis’ couch. The suede red couch was uncomfortable yet the silence was anything but. I lifted my head of the pillow and got up my head pounding as if it had its own heartbeat. I groaned and checked the time as it read 9 AM, I had been asleep for over 12 hours. I didn’t even think myself physically capable to sleep for so long. I yawned and stretched my arms over my head and glanced around the empty flat. Hm, guess they left before I woke up. It felt weird to be honest being in here alone. My head ached and my throat felt more sore than from yesterday, and my nose was no longer runny instead stuffed. 

I sniffled and wrapped the blanket over my shoulders as I shuffled around the flat, being nosy none the less. I opened the fridge as I got to the kitchen and pulled out a pitcher of water and drank from it, emptying almost half of it. Yep I had a cold. I popped a few pills for my congestion before I returned to the living room. Turning on the AC I flopped back on the couch and realized that this room had much more stuff than the one Liam, Zayn and Harry had. For one, the TV was bigger, there was an XBOX, a lot of DVD’s, a guitar, and even a piano. A piano

I looked around as if suspecting that someone would pop in and catch me in the act. I gathered the blanket again and walked over pulling the stool from under the big black grand piano. Flipping over the piano top I once again glanced around cautiously and took a deep breath shaking my head. God, I really was that stupid sometimes. 

The blanket slipped from my shoulders and gathered into a small pool by my hips. My hands grazed the pearly and ebony keys, feeling their familiar touch as it lightly skimmed my skin. It took me back to home in California, when I was small and London seemed like a completely different world. Where boys were yucky and music was my life, where playing piano was what I thought of when I woke up and before I fell asleep. In my room filled with pink chiffon and white wood where the carpeted floor would smell of my mom’s perfume, I would play, my nimble fingers working ceaselessly across the keys. I started to play a sad song out of memory playing for the people I missed back east, playing for the boy that hurt me and made me believe it was my fault, playing for the confusion I felt here in London, playing for the way Liam made me feel so special, playing for the way Zayn made me feel beautiful and playing for the way Harry made me feel wanted. But above all else I played for myself. 

Zayn’s P.O.V

From the hallway I could hear the beautiful notes fill the entire floor gathering into a sad melody that could make the cruelest politician cry. I knew it was Moonlight Sonata by the way it kept changing key and the fast notes. At that moment I realized it was coming from Niall and Louis’ room, and I knew then that it couldn’t possibly be either of them seeing that they were out with Harry. 

I silently crept towards the door opening just a little as I saw a small frame hunched over the piano. Aspen. I knew it was her from the dark auburn hair that fell in waves behind her back. Her small hands gilded over the piano keys going faster and faster banging the keys with such force as if she was angry at someone. Her normally tan skin was paler than usual and her eyes were shut in concentration, but from them I could see the tears fall down to her cheeks. All I wanted to do was to walk over to her and wipe them away and grab her hands begging her to tell me what it was that was hurting her so. But I knew better and this was a time for her to be alone. 

I walked away from the door I left ajar and entered our flat silently. Liam was in the kitchen washing his hands. I sat on the couch and stared at nothing thinking only of the broken girl that sat only 20 feet away from me.

“Who’s that playing?” Liam asked interrupting my thoughts.

I didn’t even turn to respond, “Aspen.”

Liam cleared his throat, “I didn’t know she could play so well.”

I shrugged and turned on the TV mindlessly flipping through the channels. Did Aspen need someone right now, or did she need her solitude? I was so consumed with my own thoughts that I didn’t even hear the door shut as Liam left our flat.

Liam’s P.O.V

The music grew louder and louder as I got closer to Niall and Louis’ flat. I saw Aspen still playing on the piano her eyes closed and even if they were dry, I could see her tear stained cheeks pale and without its normal rosiness. It was a sad sight, seeing someone this way; so hurt that even they couldn’t stop doing what it was that was killing them. Her hands furiously floated across the piano banging away her feelings. Her eyes were shut tightly and she looked like she was anywhere but here. I didn’t even think anything could wake her from this nightmare she was reliving.

I walked over as she continued playing and from behind her I grabbed her wrists. She flinched at our touch and her eyes flashed open as if she instantly realized where she was. Aspen looked down ashamed at her lap and opened her mouth but I shushed her and sat next to her. She leaned her head on my shoulder and breathed a sigh of relief, I took her hand and squeezed it, “Are you okay?”

She shook her head, “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked her. Once again she shook her head and I heard her sniffle. We sat there for a while and I didn’t mind when I felt my plaid shirt get soaked with her tears. If anything I’d rather her cry with someone than all alone. It was silent for what seemed like hours. At the moment I thought she had fallen asleep but as I shifted in my seat I felt her lift her head and her eyes were no longer red and puffy. She turned away from me and wiped her face. Aspen looked back at me with her hazel eyes glistening almost green, she looked at me as if searching for some kind of instruction.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked back at the piano. “So you play?”

“Yes,” her voice croaked. 

I nodded and placed my hands over the keys, “You play very beautifully Aspen.”

Her pale cheeks reddened a little and I saw a little bit of her return, “Thank you Liam.”

“I play too, but obviously not as well as you,” I began to play Fur Elise from what I remembered and stopped midway, “And… I don’t really recall the rest.” 

She smiled and put her hands over mine guiding them as we finished the song together. To see her smile again was probably the best thing I saw ever since I met her. I felt my heart soar as she looked up at me with those big eyes of her and they glistened so brightly from her tears. I leaned forward to kiss her but she turned away, “I don’t want to get you sick.”

I put my hand under her chin as I turned her back towards me, “What’s life without risk?” and we kissed. It was better than that kiss we had in the rain because it was so rushed and forced. Now it was slow and natural and for the few seconds that it lasted I realized I was taking advantage of the state she was in, so I stopped. 

Aspen quizzically looked up at me, confused, “What’s wrong?”

My heart ached from the way her voice sounded so beaten, “Nothing,” I kissed her cheek reassuringly, “I should be getting back and you should probably be resting up,”

She nodded inattentive pulling the blanket over her shoulders and walked over to the couch and fell back against the couch. I saw as her eyes drifted closed as I stroked her cheek seeing her relax under my touch, and I quietly left the flat instantly relieved as the silence of the piano consoled me for once.

Harry’s P.O.V

It was rather fun going out with the lads after being stuck up in that flat for the longest time. Niall and Louis were going back to their rooms as I entered mine own, and saw that Liam and Zayn were fast asleep in their usual places on the floor. I trotted to the kitchen and took sips of water and munching on a brownie that was left on the counter. Then stripping into only my boxers I was about to take my place on the couch when I turned to take a peek at Aspen sleeping I realized the bed was completely empty. 

Strangely my heart began to race and I quickly ran to the door that led to Louis’ and Niall’s room. Before I could even knock the door swung open, “I was wondering when you’d show up,”

Louis’ devilish grin made me smirk as I saw that Aspen was soundly sleeping on the couch, “I forgot she was up here.”

“Well I’m going back to bed, good night Hazza,” Louis shuffled back to his room and I heard the door slam shut.

I walked over to Aspen and saw her tear stained cheeks, and immediately my mind began to wonder what it was that happened today. It hurt to see someone you…well cared about, look like this. But for now she seemed fine. I scooped her up into my arms and walked back over to our flat. Setting her down on the bed I caressed her face with my hand, and realized that right now with her looking peaceful and innocent, I probably thought that if I really liked her as I thought I did I’d have to change, not for my own selfish reasons but for her.

Her forehead was burning up and only then I realized she had a fever so I stripped the blanket from her. Panicked I raced to the bathroom and grabbed a small washcloth and doused it with cold water and rushed back to her placing it over her forehead. She groaned in her sleep and her eyes drowsily fluttered open. “It’s so cold,” she mumbled.

I grinned in amusement, “That’s kind of the point sweet cheeks.” 

Her hand lazily rose to softly whack my cheek, “Don’t call me that.” And I saw her eyes close in sleep.

I stayed awake for another two hours making sure the washcloth was always wet and cold. It was 3 AM when I noticed that my eyes were starting to get heavy and my head was starting to lean against the headboard of the bed. I sat down next to her on the bed and felt my eyes drift shut as her arm suddenly encircled my waist and her head suddenly lean against my chest. It was then and only then that I fell into sleep with the scent of Aspen engulfing my senses.

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