4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


1. Shower Suprises

Aspen let go of her hair from the hairband that so tightly held it in place, letting her auburn waves cascade over her shoulders and letting them fall to her ever small waist. Her hazel eyes flickered to the heap of black and white stationed on the chair beside her. 

For a year she was stuck in the convent (by choice of course) trapped behind the iron clad gates that towered in protection. Today was her first day out and free, it was a time where the black and white robes could not costume her fear and not occlude her innocence any longer. And Aspen was happy about it of course, but living in England was far stranger than living in California. Here in England it was more sophisticated she'd like to thing where less was definitely more. Aspen looked up at the ancient Cathedral Walls and realized she had learned a lot here, things she never forget or put aside but apply to whatever soul it was she had left. Escaping her tortured past life was good for her beneficial even, and not that she'd live on her own in the less than brutal city of London, she felt at rest, her shoulders wouldn't tense at the sight of a red headed boy nor would she feel obliged to look over her shoulder every now and then

Dressing herself in dark washed jeans and a loose fitting blouse she took a deep breath and opened the iron gates but before she could even place a foot past them she heard someone call out.

"Aspen!" Aspen turned around to find Reverend Mother swiftly walking towards her. 

"Mother you mustn’t try to run to catch up, surely Sister Jane would-"

"I am not that old my dear," she told her smiling warmly.
Aspen bowed her head respectively, "Of course Mother," 

"You left your necklace in your room," Reverend Mother reached into her robe pocket and pulled out a silver locket that hung loosely on a thing silver chain.

Aspen gasped and clutched it possessively to her chest and began to thank her profusely between surprised gasps.

"Of course dear one, now go on your way."

Aspen turned nodding but looked at the gates nervously and addresses Reverend Mother, "Mother am I ready for this?" 

"Child you've grown so much since you came to us and I know you're more than ready to leave," she said embracing Aspen in a gentle maternal hug.

"But I hardly-"

"You're ready, but if you still doubt yourself the gates are always open, this is a sanctuary not a place for you to hide." and with that Aspen walked out of the gates and watched for the hundredth time as the gates clanked shut and Reverend Mother walked slowly back into the convent. 


Aspen entered her loft dropping her bags on the tan suede couch. She marveled at the trendy loft that looked very similar to her home back west. Aspen silently thanked her parents for preparing something that would remind her of home. She ran towards the inviting bed and jumped excitedly on it and fell back onto the billowing pillows looking up at the ceiling contentedly sighing.

“This is it” she thought closing her eyes, “this is your life and there’s no going back” she thought aloud. Feeling the clean sheets that surrounded her, Aspen felt dirty with the gruel of walking the whole day. Stretching herself yawning and blinking absentmindedly she decided to take a shower. Climbing off the bed and beginning to peel off her clothes unashamed in the solitude of being home alone she stopped short at her bra and underwear. Striding into the bathroom prepared to get in she realized that it was already on and that someone was already there, humming. 

Aspen’s heart rate quickened at the realization and grabbed at something she could use as a weapon and decided she’d settle for a toilet brush. The steam that came from the hot shower did not help her shallow breathing or her slight hyperventilating. The humming turned to singing and that’s when Aspen realized it was a male who was in fact naked in her bathroom.

As she drew closer to the gray shower curtain her hands trembled as they made their way to the edge of the curtain. They clenched tightly on the brush and threw open the curtain and that’s when the screaming started. 

“What are you doing in my room?!” Aspen looked at him as he spoke her eyes wide with astonishment of the fact that the intruder wasn’t the horrifying monster she envisioned but a curly haired boy with piercing blue green eyes that pierced her own with such intensity that Aspen’s breath halted in her throat. She shook her head awakening her thoughts.

“Your room?! This is my room!” Aspen emphasized glaring at him. 

“You Americans! Every fan in your country are always so persistent and intrusive! How it is I wonder-“

Aspen cut him off “Fan?” she scoffed, “I don’t 
even know who you are and as of right now I am not a fan.”

The boy raised an eyebrow confused, “Do you live under a rock?” 

“No and if I did I don’t think I’d even be here don’t you think?” she retorted. The boy for the first time looked at her turning his head to one side trying not to smirk.

“Well wherever you’re from is there a no clothes policy or…” Aspen gasped at realized she too was limited in the number of clothing. With her hands she tried to cover up as much flesh as she could. 

She threw a nearby towel at him averting her eyes from his highly…visible parts, “Put it away for goodness sake!” He wrapped the towel around his waist and looked at her furrowing his eyebrows bewilderment etched on his face.

“You really don’t know who I am?” Aspen walked out of the bathroom and put a robe on trying to remain calm but couldn’t help feel her stomach flip flopping at the fact that she was in the presence of a guy who obviously had no shame and was probably accustomed to girls flinging themselves at him. And she could see why. She didn’t like the way she felt around him or the way he looked at her it made her feel…baffled.

Clearing her throat she crossed her arms over her chest “No, I really have no clue,” crossing towards him she looked him in the eye, “Now you really should leave before I-I have security come and retrieve you.”

The boy let out a laugh as he threw his head back admiring her shaken confidence, “They throw me out? Sweet cheeks I think it’d be the other way around.”

“Or I can just scream,” she smiled maliciously her confidence returning. Aspen prepared herself to let out a piercing scream but in one swift stride he was right next to her his hand covering her mouth. Aspen’s breath once again caught in her throat, his proximity overwhelming her senses; his aquamarine eyes boring into her hazel eyes. His breath that was laced with mint felt hot on her face, but the thing that stunned her was that she had a feeling that he almost felt the same confusion as she did as if a complete stranger could have any effect at the simple touch that he induced. She gulped looking down into his rosy plum colored full lips before-

“Hazza you ready or-“ A tall boy with dirty blonde almost brown hair entered the room his light hazel eyes darting back and forth at his friend and Aspen. “So I see you already found one before us, you really need to teach me how it is you do it.”

Aspen scoffed and put her hand on “Hazzas” chest and forcefully pushed him away from her. “He certainly hasn’t found ‘one’ because this is my room and you boys are clearly intruding!” 

The brown eyed boy simple laughed and glanced at “Hazzas” reaction who was still looking speculatively at Aspen trying to determine whether or not she was telling the truth. “Man Hazza you sure know to pick ‘em,” he admitted sardonically plopping himself on the beige couch studying Aspen, immediately she clutched her robe closer to her bare body and glared at him.

“You really have no clue who we are do you?” the brown eyed boy asked her as “Hazza” glanced up at her for the first time awaiting her answer.

Aspen looked down at the carpeted floor as she found herself squishing her toes into them – a habit she did when nervous, “Well no not at all,” her voice lacked its defiant and confident tone. The two boys gaped at her and their mouths hung open, words disappearing from their tongues looking at her in absolute shock. Then another boy came in breaking the silence.

“Seriously Harry? Why is it you always beat all of us? Did we not just arrive here half an hour ago?” This boy unlike the others was much darker skinned and his jet black hair was styled up in a 50’s look.

Aspen groaned in protest, “I am not your friends…” she couldn’t really find any word for what they thought she was, “um slut! This is my room and you all have to get the hell out.” The three boys looked cautiously back and forth at each other flabbergasted at the sudden realization that this girl really had no idea who they were.

“We’ll just be outside while you sort yourself out,” The tan boy told her his eyes filled with regret. He then muttered something to each of the other boys making them roll their eyes and exit one by one. At first Aspen 
was shocked by the small gesture of kindness shown by the boy who had just insulted her...virtue only one minute ago

“Well great, I’ll be in here,” she mumbled to herself. Shutting the door behind them Aspen quickly ran into the shower washing the grime from her day in the city. Slipping into black jeans, dark brown boots, a pink sheer top and an ivory knit cardigan Aspen felt more herself. After applying little makeup and sweeping her hair in a more presentable look, she took a deep breath and turned towards the entrance door. 

Abruptly opening it Aspen could tell she interrupted some sort of secret discussion as they all froze to look at her and move farther away from each other. Slowly their gazes shifted from her shoes and locked on her hazel eyes. It was then when she realized another boy equally as handsome as the rest had joined him. His hair was summer blonde with the bluest of eyes that seemed would never lack happiness.

“What?” she put her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow. 

The boy with the light brown eyes and brown hair was the first to answer, “Er nothing you just look different is all.” Aspen knew of course that their shock was due to her semi-transformation as she was more covered up than before. 

Hazza just smirked at his friend’s remark and thought aloud, “I think she looked better before when there wasn’t so much covered up.” Aspen felt her cheeks turn cherry red and didn’t know whether to feel complimented or insulted.

The tan boy lept up first and looked at her straight in the eyes, “We’re really sorry about the confusion, but this really is where we’re supposed to stay though.” 

Aspen awkwardly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and glanced up at him, “It’s fine I guess but what are you guys going to do?” 

“Well clearly we’re not going anywhere, it’s you 
that needs to leave,” Hazza looked up at her almost glaring but with a teasing glint in his aqua eyes. 

Aspen however held her ground, “I am not going anywhere.”

“Alright cut it out Harry, I’ll call Paul and figure out what happened,” the brown eyed boy said jumping up and walking away from them.

“Thank you Liam,” Hazza mockingly thanked him. 

“He’s not usually this rude,” the blonde told her smiling, 

“I’m Niall by the way” he shook her hand grinning in what Aspen thought was the only crooked smile she deemed attractive. Hell, all these boys seemed more than the average attractive. “This is Zayn” motioning over to the tan boy, “Liam’s the one on the phone and Harry’s the one you had the unfortunate pleasure to have just met,” Niall said his voice heavily doused with an Irish accent.

“Aspen,” she felt herself say shaking their hands.

“There’s another one of us, Louis, but he’s elsewhere at the moment,” Zayn vigilantly looked around the empty hallway. 

“So what exactly is it you guys do that I should know about?”

They all looked at each other uneasily, “We’re One Direction” they chorused.

Aspen shook her head, still unknowing, “Is that a school?” 

Niall let out a hearty laugh, “No you numpty we’re a boy band!” 

Aspen laughed out loud doing it before thinking it through. She cut herself short thinking it impolite and cleared her throat, “I- uhm see.” Aspen thought it explained the reason why they were all so…impossibly attractive.

They grinned boyishly and Harry ran his hand through his mat of curls, “There’s no way in hell she doesn’t know who we are,” 
Aspen rolled her eyes, “I really don’t I haven’t exactly lived here my whole life, I’m from California,”

As if the word California held some magic, Harry all of a sudden perked up and his eyes widened, “So are the girls there really as… outgoing as they say?” 

“Some,” was all Aspen told him. She then turned to Niall, 

“So where are you all staying?” 

Niall bit his lip, “Well Louie and I are staying right across the hall from you guys and well Zayn, Harry and Liam are supposed to stay in that room,” he quickly said pointing to the door behind her.

“Oh… well I really hope we get this sorted out.”

At that moment Liam came bounding back to them his face unreadable. Zayn was the first to ask, “What did Paul say?”

Liam was unable to look Aspen in the eyes, “He said the super really had no way to clear it and well we’re stuck living with each other till the time being.”

Aspen’s eyes broadened and shook her head, “Uh huh I am not staying with you three boys,”

“Well do you have someone else to stay with?” Liam asked her kindly

Aspen thought back to what Reverend Mother told her but pushed that thought away persuading herself she could manage things on her own without having to run back, “No…my family is in California.”

Harry finally standing leaned back against the wall grinning devilishly, “Then this should be fun.”

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