4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


27. Makeover

Chapter 27


                We woke up early the next morning, hustling and bustling between the kitchen and the rooms taking bites of breakfast here and there. They had both dressed casually and I was stuck with the clothes I came with, so sad life. We were seated on the barstools in the kitchen munching on eggs, bacon and toast. “So what’s the plan for today?” I asked with a mouthful of food


                Liam handed me a napkin, “Well we have a concert at 7 and have to be there at 4 so we have a few couple of hours to give you your…makeover,” He looked pointedly at Zayn winking.


                I raised an eyebrow, “I look fine I don’t need a makeover.”


                Zayn wiped the corner of his mouth and sat up giving me an innocent look, “What did you promise Aspen?”


                My glared at him mumbling, “Yea yea I’ll go get my stuff.”


                “You’re not gonna get Harry back wearing sweats and a t-shirt,” He said pointedly looking at my clothes. “And besides it’ll be fun Niall and Louis will come too.”


                I gave Zayn a suspicious look, “Okay but let’s try not to dress me up like a hooker much like last time?”


                Liam laughed, “That was great,” He said high fiving Zayn who was also laughing loudly.


                I rolled my eyes and took my plate to the sink, “Yea yea it was hysterical,” I replied sarcastically.


                Zayn regained his composure and took his and Liam’s plates to the sink, “Well let’s finish up here and grab Niall and Louis then we’ll leave, we really can’t be late.”


The boys and I were in London wandering the streets that were bustling with people dressed in smart suits and women in heels that clacked with every step they took on the sidewalk. The clouds were white and fluffy like cotton balls and sky was clear blue on a perfect July afternoon. All four of them were in zipped up hoodies with the hood up partially covering their faces. I stifled giggles as they walked trying to be casual but being everything but. “Where are we going again?” I muttered under my breath as a group of girls walked by.


                “To Lou’s” Niall replied turning slightly towards me.


                I rolled my eyes at his obvious attempt to be subtle and walked towards Louis, “Who’s Lou?
 I asked dumbfounded.


                Louis put his arm over my shoulder bringing me in, “The most amazing person you’ll ever meet,” he whispered in my ear.


                It tickled my ear and I laughed loudly and swatted at his stomach. Liam nudged me as another group of girls walked past us.


                As we turned the corner we saw a swarm of girls huddled in a clump outside an apartment building similar to ours. I tilted my head wondering where it was that we were and turned towards and I saw that none of them really seemed disturbed by the amount of girls there.


                Liam caught up with me and took my arm tightly, “This may get a little uncomfortable but try to stay close and not get left behind.”


                I nodded a little scared and nervous at the thought of getting caught up in that mob and followed willingly in it. A sudden high pitched scream pierced our ears, “IT’S THEM!”


                In a heartbeat they all swarmed like bees to where we were and all five of us were surrounded by them. “Louis, I love your bum!” I heard one girl say and they were all tugging at me trying to get closer to Liam as I just kept my head down following each of Liam’s steps to the door. I looked back and saw Niall’s face scrunch up nervously as he tried to feign a smile at a girl taking his picture. Zayn was being pulled in different directions as both girls were trying to get him to sign something and he obliged smiling making them glow in his presence. Liam didn’t stop for anything and as soon as we got to the door he pulled me in and right as they were about to close Louis, Niall and Zayn sped right in after us. They nonchalantly started towards the elevator and clicked the button waiting. I looked at them incredulously my mouth gaping, “What was that?”


                Niall lifted his eyebrow, “Our fans?” He answered matter of factly.


                “But they were swarming you! They were-“


                Zayn chuckled, “Yea well welcome to our world.”


                I shook my head disbelievingly and got in as soon as the elevator doors opened. We walked into a less extravagant apartment than ours on the 22nd floor. The door opened after Louis knocked repeatedly and we were greeted by a very pretty blonde woman around her late 20’s. She was carrying a small toddler with the same shade of blonde and a toothy grin with her hand in her mouth.


                “Hey boys I thought I was doing your makeup at the concert venue.”


                “You are, this-“ Louis said presenting me, “Is our friend Aspen, she’s Harry’s er-“


                “Girlfriend.” Liam finished.


                The woman glanced at me giving me a once over as the baby in her arms gave me her toothy grin as she stretched out her small arms towards me and made noises trying to grab for me. “Well it looks like Lux likes you.” She put the infant on the floor and she waddled to me and looked up at me putting her arms up and opening and closing her fists asking to be picked up. I placed my hands under her arms and lifted her placing her on my hip. They all stared at us as she gurgled and laughed as she played with my hair.


                “Weird.” Liam stated bluntly.


                I glanced up at him and raised my eyebrow, “What’s weird?”


                “Lux never likes girls,” Zayn answered still staring as she gently tugged on my hair.


                I smiled and pushed her hair out of her eyes and bounced her up and down, “She’s adorable,” I told Lou who was beaming.


                Lou grinned widely and took Lux out of my arms and onto the floor, “So I’m guessing you guys need me to get Aspen get ready for something?”


                “Could you?” Niall pleaded, “Harry’s in love with her and all we’re trying to do is-“


                “Harry in love?” Lou asked shocked, “Say no more I’ll do it. But you four,” she gave the boys a discerning look, “keep Lux occupied while I’m with Aspen got it?”


                They all nodded and Lou grabbed my wrist dragging me to the bathroom, “We’ll be in the bathroom if you need us.”  She shut the door behind us and my jaw dropped instantly at the amount of makeup and hair products that were on the counter. Lou pulled over a stool and motioned for me to sit. She leaned again the counter and cocked her head to the side staring at me, “You really have beautiful eyes.”


                I smiled, “Thanks.”


                “I’m going to do your eyebrows,” she began as she rummaged through a bag and took out a waxing strip, “Please don’t scream,” she asked as I felt the hot wax underneath my left eyebrow. My palms got sweaty as I tried to remember the last time I got them down. Searing pain caused me to yelp and I saw her holding the strip in front of me an apologetic look on her face, “Sorry.”


                The rest of the process was painless as she did my makeup while my dyed hair stayed in the aluminum. Lou wouldn’t let me look until the end and as she finished my eyeliner she stepped back and looked at me. “I’ll just finish your hair and you’ll be done.” She added a few strokes of blush and began to remove the foil and wash out the dye. She dried my hair and styled it with a large circular brush so that it fell in loose waves.


                “Okay,” She sighed putting down the drier and wiping her forehead, “Would you like to see?” I nodded eagerly and was about to turn around when she pulled me off the stool, “Well let’s let the boy see first and hear what they think.”


                My eyes widened and didn’t even have a chance to protest as she dragged me back towards the living room as I almost tumbled head first into a small table. “Aspen c’mon don’t make such a fuss,” Lou smiled encouragingly as she cleared her throat attempting to get the boys attention. “Dun dun dun Duuuun,” she fanfared, “the new and improved but still beautiful Aspen!”


                I stopped looking at my shoes and glanced up for the first time I turned my head.


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