4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


14. Lunch Then

Chapter 14 


It’s been three days and I still revel in the fact that I interrupted a “sweet moment” between Aspen and Zayn. Not going to lie, seeing her look infuriated at me when I opened the door was so worth it. Her face was priceless, like a deer in headlights or maybe even like a child getting caught stealing from the cookie jar. I did feel something for Aspen I will admit, I even felt a twinge of jealousy when I saw her with Zayn at the door. But just a twinge nothing more. I was used to getting what I wanted and what I wanted was her. The innocent thing was an act I know it, even know the way she was staring at Zayn like all she wanted was to kiss him and I’ve seen that face – except it was always given to me. 

I have every intention to go to whatever extent it was to get to her, and it wasn’t going to be hard seeing that we live under the same roof and the same room. Today was the day, the day I would try to do something about it. Zayn and Liam had to go to the studio and they left early this Thursday morning tip-toeing through the flat, careful not to wake Aspen. Before they left they warned: not to do something stupid (ha), to let her wake up on her own account, and make sure she gets something to eat. All of which I didn’t intend to keep, I wasn’t her babysitter.

Zayn and Liam had been long gone for a few hours and I was chilling on the couch watching TV in a pair of gray sweats and plain white tshirt with my beanie. I kept checking the clock trying to see when would be the right time to wake her up. It was already 12:30 for christ’s sake and I had to get it over with anyways. I walked up to the bed and saw her fast asleep with her hair spread out like water over the pillow. I scrutinized her face and found myself staring at her. She was so beautiful. And beautiful in Harry Styles definition is hard to come by. Aspen had such long lashes and her cheeks that were always bright red from blushing is now a rosy pink. Her mouth was so perfect and looked like they were begging to be kissed, even now when I saw the slight drool escape from the outer corner of her lips. I smiled in spite of myself and stroked her hair with my hand as I felt the auburn waves of her hair slip through my fingers ceaselessly. 

Without giving me a second to respond I saw her eyes flutter open; hazy at first then seemed to focus and look up at me glaring. “What are you doing?” 

I took a step back to regain my composure and stuffed my hands into my front pockets speaking through gritted teeth, “Nothing and anyways it’s time to wake up it’s almost one,” I took another glance at her and put my thumb on the corner of lower lip, “You might want to wipe that drool.”

Her eyes widened and she furiously began to wipe her mouth, the rosiness gone her cheeks went aflame. “Stop smirking Harry you were the one staring at me.” 

“I-I was trying to wake you up gently,” I sputtered.

She leered then yawned stripping the covers away from her. “What’s for breakfast?”

I loped back to the living room, “Lunch you mean, it’s too late for breakfast.”

“Lunch then. And anyways where are Liam and Zayn?” Even with my back to her I could hear her uneasiness. 

“Work, so they won’t be back till nine. Unlike you sweetcheeks we work for a living.” 

I heard her laugh sardonically, “Hah! I didn’t know that trying to keep girls from flinging themselves at you was such hard work.”

I turned and winked at her, “You have no idea.”

Her cheeks reddened again, “I’m going to shower.”and with that she flounced off the bed and almost ran for the bathroom. 

Today was going to be fun.

Aspen’s P.O.V 

After raking my fingers through my towel dried hair and wearing only a pair of comfy shorts and t-shirt and doing everything possible from leaving the bathroom I opened the door. God, I didn’t want to be alone with Harry he was such an arrogant prick and I feel like he stepped out of his way just to torment me. 

I haven’t really talked to Zayn alone since our semi-date a couple days ago. Yet he never even tried to talk to me. Maybe I was overthinking it I mean I guess he was busy and I had way too much time to kill anyways because all I really did was stay in here all day. But I missed him. Seeing him walk around our flat and us not talking was weird. Liam was my only friend these past few days, I even think he was being too friendly sometimes like when he fell asleep on my lap yesterday afternoon. I didn’t want to get up and wake him and he looked so serene that I was afraid I’d interrupt a pleasant dream. Of course Harry was the one to ruin it by scaring the beejezus out of me causing Liam to fall off the couch and me to scream at the top of my lungs. 

Stepping out I walked back to my side of the flat putting my dirty clothes in a hamper and sitting back down on the bed crossing my legs. I looked around and saw Harry was seated on the couch his brown curls seeping out of his beanie. His hair was always perfectly shaped his curls looking messy but not too messy, short but not too short. All I ever did when I saw him flip his hair was thinking about raking my fingers through his curls and from what I always saw, they just looked, soft

“Can I touch your hair?” I blurted.

Harry turned around his face befuddled as he arched an eyebrow, “Can you what?”

I got up and propped myself in the seat next to him on the couch, “Touch your hair.”

He looked at me suspiciously squinting his eyes at me as if there was some catch, “Suuuree…” He dragged out the word dipping his head forward. 

I smiled excited and put my hands in his hair tugging at the curls and feeling how soft and unctuous it felt. It was just like I imagined, and I can only dream about how many girls would envy that I was touching Harry Styles hair. Mussing it up some more Harry’s hand enclosed around my wrist, “I think we’re done.”

“Sorry, I always kind of wanted to touch your hair,” I admitted blushing. 

He grinned shaking his head and got up walking towards the kitchen while putting his beanie back on. I followed him and opened the fridge and grimaced at the lack of enticing food. “I’m going to cook for you,” I felt his breath against my skin. I flinched and shut the door to the fridge and took a step away from him. “Any special request Miss Langford?” 

“What do you have?” He grinned at my lack of breath. 

“Anything you want.”

I turned my head to the side as if in deep thought, “Mmm tacos?” I asked hopefully.

“I’m already on it,” He saluted me with a grin. Harry moved swiftly around the kitchen, taking everything that was necessary and asking what I wanted. He wasn’t being bossy nor was he being his usual sarcastic cynical self. I liked this Harry very much

“Do you have those teeny corn thingies?” I asked sitting cross legged on a chair watching him slice the meat. 

“Do you mean baby corn?” He asked with an amused grin. 

I flushed giving him an embarrassed laugh, “Probably.” 

I watched with interest as he stirred the meat in a pan adding slices of red pepper and baby corn like I requested. Sometimes he would steal a look from me and wink making my heart beat faster and faster.

“Open.” He ordered, looking at my lips. I complied and he picked up a piece of meat. “Take a bite, Aspen.” And I did, but rather not let him feed me. I took the meat from his fingers.

“Delicious.” I muttered.

“Let’s eat.”

Harry was in fact a better cook than I thought he was. Eating actual homemade food rather than the junk I got from restaurants felt so much more satisfying. Even Harry could sense my satisfaction as he took bites hungrily. “Gotta admit Styles,” I began in between bites, “Thish foof is great,” 

He laughed and handed me a napkin as I smiled and wiped the corners of my mouth. “So Aspen Langford finally approves, someone alert the press.”

I giggled and stood taking our dirty plates to the sink. “Now why don’t you sit and let me bake for you.”

You bake?” He gasped incredulously. 

I stuck my tongue at him as I grabbed bowls from the cupboards, “I may suck at cooking but if it’s one thing I don’t completely suck at it’s baking.”

He leaned back in his chair crossing his arms in front of his chest smirking, “Man, I’ve got to see this.”

Ignoring him I expertly wove around the kitchen grabbing sugar, flour, baking soda and all the usual stuff I used to make a crème brulee. It wasn’t that difficult from what I remembered but when I was mixing it somehow the sugar wasn’t dissolving. I furiously beat the batter as it slopped around the bowl. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw Harry grab the bowl from me, “Here you just add some water,” he poured half a cup and put his hand over my hand that had the spatula, “and it’ll dissolve quicker.”

I nodded absentmindedly and saw him leaning towards me my heart rate quickened as I realized how close we were our noses barely touching, “How did you know?”

“I used to work at a bakery,” it was more of a whisper but I hardly paid attention because that’s when I felt his lips over mine. It hit me like roller coaster, my stomach cartwheeling my head experiencing whiplash as a wave of adrenaline flowed through me. His hands had found their way to my hips and he was pressing me up against the kitchen counter. No. was all I could think of but my lips were doing something completely different. They were kissing him right back and my hands were on his neck roughly pushing him closer. This wasn’t me. And whatever we were doing was wrong…But somehow it felt so right. I lost myself in the flood of his touch and forgot whatever it was I was doing before. At the moment it was just us kissing. Mentally shaking my head I put a hand on his chest and gently pushed him back.

“I think I’ve got it from here,” I turned from him and felt the tears well up and sent a silent prayer that I wouldn’t start crying in front of Harry. I just kissed a guy I despised out of lust while the guys that were actually my friends were busy and I was here being stupid. I heard him sigh and return to his seat. 

“So I’m still waiting on desert so you best be moving along,” He acted like nothing happened as he threw me his million dollar grin my way. 

I half-smiled and continued my work putting the batter in the little cups I found and finishing the technical parts of the crème brulee. Finally finished I added whip cream and set the cups in front of him with a set of spoons. “Go on try it.” He picked up his spoon and dug into it but before putting it in his mouth he smelled it, poked it, and took a small lick. “Seriously? I didn’t poison it,” I swatted him on the arm. 

He laughed at my remark and finally put the spoon in his mouth. His eyes closed and I heard him let out a small moan, “Oh my god Aspen. This is good.” 

I smiled and flipped my hair nonchalantly, “What can I say?”

“How ‘bout an ‘I told ya so’ I was so wrong this is fantastic!” He stuffed his face with more of it and within five minutes it was all gone. 

This time he stood and picked up the plates and took it to the sink and washed it all. I hid my smile as he finished and wiped his hands on the towel. “So,” he began, “We have what four hours to kill before Zayn and Liam come home?”

I gave him a look and he threw his hands in the air, “We are not kis-“

“I was going to say we could watch a movie?” he interrupted me as if it was the most obvious thing. Harry got up and moved back onto the couch and I followed in turn.

“Oh right.” I mentally told myself. 

Once we were on the couch he turned on the TV and I watched as the DVD menu for Some Kind of Wonderful came on. I turned to him with my mouth hanging open.

“The hell you looking at me like that for?”

You like this movie?” 

He gave me weird look, “Of course, who doesn’t love it?” I almost opened my mouth to tell him this was my all-time favorite movie but instead smiled my secret smile and watched it with him.

We watched three more movies, us laughing during The Hangover and even Harry crying during The Notebook. I liked it when Harry was like this he wasn’t being a conniving douche but instead just himself. Before long I felt my eyes getting heavy. And it was with little difficulty that I felt myself go to sleep. 

It wasn’t long before I heard the door unlocking and my eyes glazed over to find myself lying on Harry’s chest with his arms around me and my arm draped around his stomach. My breath caught in my throat and saw how he was asleep as well and my shirt was somehow on the other side of the room. My heart stopped but then fell back into its normal rate when I saw I had a tank top on. Should I get up and wake Harry and look guilty in front of Zayn and Liam? Or should I just fake sleep and let them think it was an accident? I heard the door open and I instinctively shut my eyes. 

I heard the shuffling of feet and several bags being strewn on the floor. “Oh look Aspen fell asleep,”Liam 

“Well don’t they look chummy,” I could sense the jealousy in Zayn’s voice and I was dying to wake up and say it was nothing but I feigned sleep this long so I might as well continue.

“Calm down Zayn they probably just dozed off watching TV,” I heard Liam whisper. 

“Well I’ll just take her back to her bed,” I heard him getting closer. 

“Remember what Harry told me, us then him, so I doubt he’d try anything,” Wait what? Us then him what? I felt my eyebrows furrow in confused but calmed myself down. 

“Yeah yeah I know,” And with that I felt myself picked up by Zayn and laid gently on my bed. I could smell his cologne and wanted nothing more than to wake up and whisper goodnight. But I was guilty. Zayn pulled the covers over me and tucked me in. I felt him pull stray strands of my hair away from my face and kiss my forehead, “Goodnight Aspen.”

With his words I felt myself fall asleep my worries gone with his touch and Harry completely off my mind. At least somewhat completely.

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