4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


11. Losing

Chapter 11: 


With Liam leading me back to the other boys I felt my confidence sag greatly, and felt as insignificant as a little sister who tagged along with her big brothers, having to be rescued in the first few minutes. I looked down at my feet as we approached them trying hard not to lash out to any of them and save my retorts until we left. Zayn quickly had me in a hug before I could look at their faces; his arms nearly enveloped my tiny frame as he let out a sigh of relief that made my stomach flip flop. 

“Are you alright?” his accent made alright sound like alrigh’. I nodded absentmindedly too dazed to speak as I felt the hotness of his breath graze the back of my neck. He released me from his hold only to make me feel self-conscious as the boys just stared at me completely disinterested like all I had experienced was as insignificant as a broken nail. “You really could have been hurt you have no clue what kind of douche bags actually go to these things,” He glared around the room, “See Harry for example.”

I giggled feeling the atmosphere shift from awkward to the usual teasing one. Harry butt in, his hands behind his back and leaned towards us, “Technically I didn’t do anything to her she started it by agreeing to go with me.”

“You took my necklace!” I squealed, surprising even myself at how high my voice went. 

The boys chuckled as I felt myself flush, “You shouldn’t leave your crap around the house then,” Harry remarked, “Should I even mention the black bra?” he teased his smile getting wildly wicked.

I flushed a deep crimson, “Actually I never heard that story Hazza mind telling it to us,” Louis contained his laughter as he pleaded to Harry.

“No way,” I held my ground crossing my arms in front of my chest, “This is not the moment for story time.”

Louis slung his arm over my shoulders in a bantering manner, “C’mon Aspen we’re all friends here,” he gestured to the eager boys who wanted the story retold.

I sighed irritated and just threw my hands in the air and waved off Harry to proceed to tell his story which in turn just led to me pouting and narrowing my eyes as they laughed out loud at the fact that I actually owned any kind of lace undergarments. 

“Are you done laughing, because I really don’t think it’s all that funny,” Several people around us turned around the witnesss all five of them chortling at my expense, “Cut it out!” I said through gritted teeth. 

Zayn fought back his last snicker and patted my back, “Sorry Aspen, but you got to admit it is pretty funny,” 

“Oh yeah I’m tickled pink,” I snapped rolling my eyes. 

“C’mon we better get going before those two come back,” Liam suggested as he proceeded towards the door. I nodded eagerly and adjusted the top of my dress. 

“Oh god yes please,” I implored them edging towards the door as Liam grabbed my hand. They all sighed at my sake and followed Liam and I. But before I could step outside Harry stopped me and dragged me a few steps behind all of the boys causing Liam to scowl. I released my wrist from his hand and glowered at him, “What are you doing?” 

“If we’re going back out there you have to pretend like you’re still my date not that frown you always seem to have whenever I’m around,” He told me plainly.

I shook my head, “Like that’s even possible.”

He squeezed my hand his stormy eyes suddenly softening at our touch, “I’m begging you Aspen, I can’t risk the paparazzi thinking I already lost you when they just saw me with you, it’d just look to fake you know?” 

Of course. “The whole thing is fake Harry, you’re the one who wanted it.”

He flipped his hair to the side, a movement I think he did whenever he seemed at a loss for words, “Please,” he pouted innocently, “And besides you owe me for that dance.”

He never did seem to stop amusing me, “Okay fine,” I held out my arm and he placed in the crook of his elbow giving him a dirty look.

“Try to act like you like me,” He whispered in my ear before we were enveloped by flashed of cameras and people.

I squinted at the brilliance of the lights and could already see the gross pictures they were taking of me. Without Harry’s arm holding me steady I would have been lost in the depths of the cameras and people. With much difficulty I smiled and posed for their pictures with Harry’s hand on the small of my back, laughing like as if he was the funniest thing that ever walked the planet. It seemed so immensely plastic, the whole situation I mean. I was stupid enough to agree and my pride got in the way of saying no. I subtly shrugged his arm from my back and took a step away from him. My smile still in its' place I began to walk back towards the boys.

Then it happened. It was just so quickly I barely had time to react. One second they were yelling out questions like, “What’s your name?” “Is he your boyfriend dear?” And then the question of the night, “C’mon boy kiss her!” 

Without giving me time to respond I felt Harry tug my hand back and forcefully grab me by the waist and place his lips over mine. It was odd that that mouth of his could say such obscenities at me yet deliver a kiss with such…finesse I believe was the word. I didn’t want to resist for the reason Harry had told me only earlier. But then I didn’t want to stop either, it was amazing how our lips molded and how his lips were as soft as the teal of his eyes. He was the one who broke the kiss. Our foreheads rested against each other as a sigh escaped my throat. I could feel his pulse heighten when I realized that my hands had somehow found their way to his neck. 

“Let’s go,” he whispered as he led me back to the limo.

I could feel their stares, all five of them. And I know they were confused. I was too. But I couldn’t bring myself to look at them with the shame that clouded my mind. Even the ride back home was filled only with silence. And I couldn't tell whether they could feel my heart pounding out of my heart or not.

It wasn’t until I was tucked under my bed that Zayn walked over and placed his hand on my head stroking my hair, “I think his revenge was better than ours.” And with that he left me and walked away feeling just as confused as the beginning of the night. It was before I fell asleep that I realized I lost the bet.

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