4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


25. Just Friends


Liam’s P.O.V


I was sleeping on the bed when I heard the door creaking open. I lifted my head slight from my pillow to the sound but flopped back down knowing it was must’ve been Zayn coming in hungover from the night before. I closed my eyes and heard footsteps approach the bed. The light steps stopped short the bed and heard a familiar voice, “How come when I was here you guys all woke up at 6am but now that I’m gone you sleep in till noon?”


            My eyes flashed open to the sound of her voice and shook my head thinking I was still sleeping and Aspen’s voice was all but a dream. As I sat up I saw her standing in front of my bed, her auburn hair windblown her face flushed and her eyes shining fresh from tears. In two quick strides she was in my arms. It was surreal having her flowery scent surround me and her small arms wrapped around my waist. I untangled her from me and noticed her solemn look. “I’m glad you’re here but something’s wrong.”


            She nodded her eyes glistening now and I took her coat from her and watched as she took a staggered breath crossing her arms in front of her. I knew without saying anything that whatever she was crying about when she was sick is the same thing she’s crying about now. Without bothering to ask for permission I bent down to kiss her but at the last second she turned her head and my lips landed on her cheek. I didn’t ask why she didn’t because by the look in her eyes when she came in told all I needed to confirm my fear: she fell for Harry.


Aspen’s P.O.V


            “Liam I-“


            “I know Aspen, I’ve seen that look before.”


            I raised an eyebrow skeptically, “What look?” even if I knew where this question would lead to.


            “You’re smitten with Harry aren’t you?” He half smiled but even I could see the hurt in his eyes because the smile never reached his eyes. I blushed at his accusation and looked down at my feet nodding.


            He put a finger on his chin and squinted his eyes tapping his chin, “If  I could count the times the number of girls who came in cry-“


            I gave him a knowing look causing him to shut up. “I actually came to visit you and Zayn,” I began, “I got your messages and decided to stop by. So…here I am.”


            “And Harry?” Liam asked me.


            I shrugged, “Home I guess that’s where I left him.”


            Liam gave me an incredulous look, “Does he know you’re here?”


            I averted my eyes as I wrung my hands nervously, “Well no, but I’m sure he’d figure it out.”




            “I can go wherever I want Harry doesn’t own me,” I responded defiantly.


            Liam laughed and felt my insides warm up seeing him happy, “Alright you can stay but Zayn won’t be here for a while he’s finishing up the single we’re just about to release.”


            “What’s it about?” I asked sitting down on the familiar suede couch.


            “You,” Liam smiled and ruffled my already messy hair.


            I spun around to face him, “It is not.”


            Liam chuckled sitting down next to me, “Okay maybe not really, Ed wrote it for us and we all agreed to dedicate it to you – even Zayn and Harry.”


            I suspiciously narrowed my eyes, “And what’s this song called exactly?”


            Liam grinned in the most devilish way I had never seen before and pulled me closer to him, “Irresistible.”



Liam and I had finished watching <i>The Ugly Truth</i> when I felt my phone vibrate. I saw Harry’s name flash across the screen asking me where I was and when I’d be back. I ignored it and turned off my phone throwing across the couch near my purse.


                Liam threw me a weird look and before he could ask I held up a hand, “Don’t ask.”

                He shrugged, “Well if you want me to I’m here anyways.”


                I hastily changed the subject, “So where’s Zayn?”


                Liam’s eyes narrowed and returned to meet my gaze, “I don’t know but he’ll proably be back later.”


                “I thought you said he was at the studio,” I asked arching an eyebrow.


                “It’s not really my business to tell you but you cn ask him when he comes back.”


                I tugged on his elbow, “Oh come one just tell me I’m sure it’s not a big deal anyways,” I pleaded.


                Liam gave me a stern look, “You have to promise not to get mad though.”


                I rolled my eyes, “Yea yea, so tell me.”


                His face softened a little, “Zayn’s been seeing someone.”


                I felt a tightening in my chest and expected waterfalls but they never came and I felt nothing, “This wasn’t exactly the reaction I expected,” He gave me a dubious look.


                “Neither was I,” I muttered disbelievingly.


                Liam turned to face me, “I thought you liked him though.”


                I shrugged, “ I did  - well I do I guess ever since Harry I haven’t really gotten around to give him a second thought, does that make me a bad person?”


Liam’s eyes clouded, “Is that what you did to me?”


                I hadn’t realized I had did it to Liam unknowingly without intent to hurt him. Automatically I felt a pang of regret, “Liam I-I’m sorry if it came out that way I didn’t mean it.”


                He signed and rolled up the sleeves of his baseball tee, “I know Aspen I guess Zayn and I overwhelmed you too much.”


                I hugged my knees to my chest and looked at the thoughtful Liam, his puppy brown eyes were boring into mine and I knew instantly that whatever I felt for him was gone, in front of me was a good friend who cared about me just as much as I cared for him.


                “Do you still like me Liam?”


                Liam seemed taken aback by my blunt question and blinked rapidly, “Well of course Aspen we’re friends.”


                “Well as in more than that.”


                He turned away and tore his gaze and focused instead on a loose thread on his shirt, “I’ll always like you Aspen I’ve just learned to hold it back, Harry cares about you and with you I feel like he’s a better person.”


                I bit my lip and nodded, “I understand.”


                “Don’t feel bad for Zayn or me, Harry in the end is what’s best for you, even I can admit that.” He turned to face me and continued, “I never would have thought it either but a couple of days ago he called to talk to me about you saying how much he cares for you and would never do anything to hurt you. All he kept repeating was how much he didn’t deserve you and how it should’ve been Zayn or me who should be in his place. I have never heard him sound so sincere and it was then that I realized you must’ve been happy and stopped worrying knowing you were in safe hands.”


                “So you think I made the right choice?” I asked softly looking up at him.


                Liam smiled and took my hands, “Yes I think you did.”


                I grinned widely and hugged him knowing I had my friend back and only had Zayn left to               talk to. I was frightened that it’d be harder to get through to him seeing he was the most stubborn of the three and wondered what he’d say.

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