4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


17. Feeling Warm

Chapter 17: 


Fully dressed and stepping out of the bathroom I saw that Louis and Niall had come over. Thank god, it wouldn’t be super awkward. I flounced over to Louis who was jumping up and down on the couch trying to annoy Harry who was on his phone, “What.” Jump “Did,” Down, “She,” Jump, “Say!” Harry swatted Louis on the leg and narrowed his eyes at him as he grabbed Louis’ ankle pulling him down. 

“What did who say?” I asked

Louis’ eyes widened and he sat down on the couch batting his eyelashes innocently, “Oh no one.”

Harry rolled his eyes and looked back at his phone. Louis looked back up at me and mouthed youwhile pointing at Harry. 

I smirked and rolled my eyes sitting on the living room chair my wet hair in a high ponytail and in sweats none the less. Liam and Zayn were in the kitchen preparing lunch as Niall, Louis and I were talking about random things on the couch. Harry on the other hand was still on the couch brooding on his phone. I guess I should’ve dried my hair or whatever because only one hour later, I started sneezing uncontrollably. Niall offered me a hanky as I wiped my nose and sneezed again reaching over to hand it back to him.

“Keep it,” Niall said uneasily. 

I nodded absentmindedly when I realized I was starting to get a cold. You know the feeling, when your nose itches and runs all the time, and your throat feels scratchy and all of a sudden your head feels like a million pounds. Yea that’s how I felt. 

I groaned loudly as I felt the room get warmer and my sweats all of a sudden feel too tight. Liam glanced over at me and walked over to the chair leaning over me, “Are you feeling okay Aspen?”

I nodded again and curled up against the cushions trying to push out the noise and people around me. I closed my eyes and sniffled as my I felt my nose run a little bit. I felt Liam sigh and lean on the arm of the chair placing his hand over my forehead, “She’s a little warm.”

“Ya think?” I responded swiping his arm away. 

I heard someone pad over and place a cool hand on my forehead recognizing the cold hands of Zayn, “Yea she feels warm, probably from being in those wet clothes from earlier this morning.”

“I’m right here you know,” I grumbled swatting their hands away, “It’s great that you guys care and all but it’s quiet time now,” I put a finger to my lips, “Shh.”

“God, just let her sleep she’ll be fine,” Harry spat annoyed, sounding more disinterested than anything. 

“She needs to eat something she hasn’t even had breakfast yet,” Liam began.

Zayn added, “Yea or like take medicine or something before it gets worse.” 

I grunted and got off the couch and grabbed an afghan off the couch and put it over my shoulders, “I’m going to Niall’s and Louis’ place where I will sleep until I feel like it and if I get better or worse I’ll be sure to tell you all.” 

I could hear them all begin to protest but I swatted my arm at the air and closed the door behind me. Finally some peace and quiet.

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