4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


26. Fairy Godmother


Liam and I stayed up a while longer for Zayn to come home and it wasn’t till 11:30 pm when he did. Liam had moved to the bed and was now sleeping soundly as I sat on the couch. It was strange being back after living with Harry for weeks, the house now had a different aroma of men’s cologne. I couldn’t smell my girly perfume on the couch cushions and thought about Harry. It had been a couple of hours since I left him in Cheshire. I turned my phone back on and watched as I received 15 messages all at once, all from Harry.

                I heard the door creak open and hushed voices speaking low and quietly. I heard a girl giggling and as my heart raced as their voices grew closer.            

                “G’nite Zayn,” I heard the girl whisper.


                “Night Perrie,” He replied.

                The door quietly closed and my eyes automatically closed, “Way to go Aspen just pretend you’re asleep not like I can’t tell or anything.”


                My eyes flashed open and Zayn stood there in front of me with his arms crossed and his smile crooked.


                “Hey.” I said uneasily.


                “Hey?” He loudly whispered, “You leave for 3 weeks ad all you say is ‘hey’?”


                I nodded nonchalantly and scooted over patting the seat next to me, “Sit.”


                He gave me a weird look and sat down, his expensive cologne as well as the girl’s perfume engulfed my nose. “Why are you here Aspen?”


                “I was erm in the neighborhood and decided to stop by to see you and Liam.”


                His hands clasped together and he dwindled his thumbs nervously. He looked down at the ground, “How’s Harry?”


                “He’s okay,” I replied shortly.


                Zayn looked up at me, “So you guys are together then?”


                My face flushed and I bit my lip unable to meet his gaze nodding slowly, “Do you and him not talk?”


                He scoffed, “Not about you at least.”


                My stomach flipped and my throat felt tight making it hard to swallow, “Irresistible-“


                “-was Harry’s idea,” he finished for me. My eyes stung at his sudden bluntness and in an instant his face softened. “Damn it aspen don’t cry I can’t do girls crying. I just missed you is all and I loved you but now…”


                I raised an eyebrow, “Now what?”


                He sighed, “Now…Perrie is great. She’s not you but she makes me happy.”


                I looked up, “That’s all I wanted.”


                “I know it just took me a while to realize that.”


                I fiddled with the ends of my hair, “So are we okay?” I asked hopefully.


                Zayn ignored my question, “When we were writing the song it was like we had some mutual understanding that somehow it was for you, that what were talking about was you. We couldn’t acknowledge it until Liam pointed it out at the end and by then we loved the song so much that nothing else mattered. Harry wanted us to dedicate it to you at our first performance but Liam advised against it saying you’d be prey for our fans and paparazzi,” He gave me a devious smile, “But…four out of five went against Liam and well just get ready to hear your name on channel four.”


                I gave him an incredulous look, “I don’t think-“


                “You’ll be fine Aspen no one knows who you are we’ve been careful trust me.”


                I nodded, “Harry and I aren’t on good terms right now in case you didn’t already know.” I blurted.


                Zayn raised his eyebrow, “You’re really asking for my advice?”


                I shrugged, “Well why not? You want me to be happy right?”


                He nodded hesitantly, “Well yea but-“


                “Harry makes me happy whether any of you like it or not.”


                Zayn sighed and ran his hand through his hair smirking at my challenging gaze, he chuckled, “Alright I’ll play fairy godmother just this once.”


                I smiled and hugged him tightly, “Thank you thank you thank you Zayn!”


                “Yea yea but it’s late and we’ll figure it out tomorrow okay?”


                I nodded in agreement and he got up and stretched walking over to the arm chair grabbing blankets and putting them on the floor, “You take the couch I’ll sleep on the floor tonight.” Grabbing another blanket he placed it over my body and handed me a pillow.


                “You have to promise to do whatever Liam and I say okay?” I nodded and felt my eyelids get heavy as I drifted to sleep, “It’s great having you back home Aspen.” I heard Zayn say. I smiled to myself and realized I found a place I could actually call home.

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