4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


7. Dresses

Chapter 7

“I am not coming out,” I articulated gritting my teeth as I leaned against the bathroom door crossing my arms over my chest.

“C’mon Aspen you made a deal!” I could hear Zayn plead in the living room.

Sure a deal I didn’t know would get me in this much trouble, I thought to myself. I looked down at the fire truck red dress Harry picked out, it was way too high for me and showed off more cleavage than I liked. Liam, Harry and Zayn had all bought a dress for me to wear the party even if I told them it was fine and would find something to wear. I really didn’t have a “fancy” dress and all I had were some of the clothes my parents sent me before I moved into my flat. So, despite my protests Harry insisted we make a deal: they each pick out 3 dresses and I have to model it for them and they decide which one I would wear to the party. But now as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and saw how the silky material clung desperately onto my skin and how it almost didn’t cover my butt…I regretted it. And you know why? Because I look like a hooker. Even more with the black high heels I was wearing.

“Either you come out, or we make you,” Harry threatened. I really had no choice I wanted to prove to Harry that just because I came off all demure and innocent I still had my dignity and wasn’t going to be pushed around by the likes of him. 

Taking a deep breath and unlocking the door I stepped out, “See, now was that so-“ Liam’s voice trailed off as he noticed how little I was wearing. I had the right mind to slap the bejeezus out of him but held back seeing as it would only make Harry smile wider. But in truth, I hated being so exposed like this and I have never worn such little clothing in my life and it’s not like my parents would even let me out of the house looking like this. And now I know why. Because as I saw their mouths gape open and staring at me like I was a product they were all interested in buying…it felt demeaning. 

“Ha-Ha okay you guys got your fun, can I go change now?” I self-consciously tugged on the hem of the dress trying to pull it lower to cover my exposed butt. 

Harry seemed to be the only one who wasn’t as affected as the others, calm even. So it was no surprise when he walked in my direction giving me the one over before speaking, “I like it,” he plainly stated smiled maliciously, “Who votes with me?” Silence engulfed the air as he giddily raised his hand in the air waiting for the others to follow in suit.

Zayn stood from the couch and ran a hand through his ebony hair before pulling his trousers lower, “Maybe we should wait till she tries all the dresses on,” He assuaged himself more than me.

Liam stood and brusquely placed his hands on my shoulders and led me back towards the bathroom nervously saying, “Y-Yea let’s wait till after.” And with that he shut the door behind me.

I shrugged and discarded the prostitute dress on the floor and put on a deep purple dress Zayn had picked out. This one was a little longer but while the other deemed slutty this one was well…bordering on skanky. Sure it wasn’t as skin tight as the other one but it hugged my chest so tightly I was scared my boobs would fall out of the strapless neckline. Walking towards the door I almost slipped but caught myself just in time. I really shouldn’t walk in these new shoes especially since the carpet wasn’t very stable and I still needed to break them in.

“I’m coming out!” I warned stepping out and adjusting the top part of my dress while placing my hair to one side. “Does it look okay?” I finally said as they saw me. 

“Well it sure looks small in um certain areas,” Zayn piped up averting his eyes and trying to, what look like arduous effort,stare at my face. My face flushed and was nodding in agreement, “I guess I picked out a size too small aren’t you a zero?...” 

“A two,” Harry said surprising me, guessing correctly. 
“Guess I’ll go change then,” I spun on my heel unintelligently and before I could regain my balance I felt myself about to fall. A pair of strong arms encircled my waist and effortlessly propped me back on my feet. Even before I could see his face I knew it was Harry by the green orbs that stared right at my own making me feel naked all over again.

“Thanks,” I mumbled stupidly and dashed back into the bathroom leaving him and his dazed expression to be scrutinized by the others.

Once inside I shimmied out of the purple dress and replaced it with Liam’s choice. I actually liked this one. It differed from the other dresses like night and day. This ivory chiffon dress was one shouldered and had flower embroidery on the one strap as well as the top. The top was a sweetheart neckline and the bottom flowed seamlessly to my knees. It looked like something out of a Taylor Swift video or like a shorter version of a princess ball gown with its color and elegance. Contented, I put on a pair of the other beige heels to match and flounced out of the room and was greeted by Liam and Zayn’s, “Wow.”

“I really like this one,” I smiled timidly at the floor.

“It’s so…you,” Zayn said reading my thoughts.

I looked down at my shoes then up at his caramel eyes, “Do you think?”

“Definitely, that’s why I picked it,” Liam strode over unable to keep his eyes off of me. 

I grinned sincerely and placed my hand on his forearm glancing up at his hazel eyes, “Thank you Liam it’s beautiful,” 

“Well this is great and all but I liked the first one much better,” Harry cheekily crossed his arms across his chest and stuck out his chin, “Don’t you agree boys?”

I allowed myself to glare at him unable to contain my anger and impatience. Zayn cleared his throat nervously, “Nah Hazza the first one was definitely better.”

Harry muttered something incoherently under his breath and retrieved the dresses from the bathroom that I had left strewn across the floor. He looked…frazzled? It was really the only way I could describe him because disappointed wasn’t it and he wasn’t angry either, perhaps confused? “I’m gonna go back to the store and return these, hopefully Mr. Paul Smith won’t get too hurt because we didn’t choose his favorite design.” 

And with that he left the flat leaving me with my mouth gaping open with only two words on my tongue, “Paul Smith???

Harry’s P.O.V

“Harry how’d the dresses work?” the designer bellowed as he walked over patting me on the back. 

I shook Paul's hand his grip much more rougher than mine, “She picked the white one.”

“Thought she would, that was the one Liam chose right?” 
I smirked, “Yeah.”

“What troubles me Harry is that you described this girl like an object and by the look on your face you aren't too pleased with her decision,” he told me scratching his stubble. 

I shrugged and breathed exasperatedly, “Well to me she isn’t but like how else am I supposed to describe how beautiful she is even when she doesn’t know it? And anyways it's her choice whether she wears my dress or not”

He grinned warmly, “I wasn't talking about the dress. But anyways Harry if she really is that beautiful why did you ask me to give you, well in your words, ‘the trashiest dress here’?”

“To mess with her I guess,” I said plopping myself down on the cushiony seats.

Paul muttered quietly, "The boy has such style and instead wastes it on making some poor girl suffer," he sighed impatiently then spoke louder, “When am I going to see you be with a girl that you obtained without manipulating first?”

I laughed out loud and put my arms under my head grinning devilishly, “Never.”

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