4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


4. Car Ride

Chapter 4
My internal alarm clock rang at 9 AM. Way too early for me to be awake. It was the shuffling of feet walking back and forth across the flat that woke me up. I groaned inwardly, “Why are you guys awake so early?” 

“It’s nine sweetcheeks, time for work,” I saw Harry peer down at my butt that was shown for all to see due to my short hiking up during my sleep. Harry noticed my panicked reaction and smirked, “It was only an expression.”

“Yea I knew that,” I muttered more to myself.

Liam was reaching over on the floor grabbing a shirt and pulling it over his head, “You should really think about getting up too Aspen.” I couldn’t resist looking down at his six pack that was showcased for anyone with eyes. 

“I guess so,” I yawned covering up my obvious stare while stretching my arms over my head. It was then when I noticed that none of them were particularly wearing a shirt. “Don’t any of you guys own a shirt,” I muttered under my breath.

Liam laughed out loud, “You don’t even know how many girls would die to be in your place right now.”

Zayn smiled, “Yea seriously.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sure. I’m lucky,” I walked over to the kitchen grabbing an apple and took a bite, “so what exactly is it you guys do for work?”

Zayn noticing the dribble on my chin passed me a napkin, “We sing.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh I didn’t know you guys sang.”

Harry who was obviously trying not to be inconspicuous about buttoning up a black dress shirt looked up at me with his less than innocent green orbs, “Well we did say we were a boy band,” 

I cleared my throat and looked away only to see Zayn pull a sweater over his head showing his exposed tan abs. Instead I just looked down at the floor, “Guess I forgot,” I walked over to the couch and leaned back against it lazily biting my lip, “So..doyouthinkIcouldcometoo?” 

They all looked back and forth at each other unsure of how to answer. I wanted to go I mean just because I used to live in Hollywood didn’t mean I saw a recording studio every day. 

“Sure…” Liam hesitantly said the word sliding off his tongue. 

“But you have to look a little presentable, none of this pajama party stuff, I mean you can look presentable can you?” Harry mocked me as he crossed his arms over his chest flipping his curls out of his eyes. 

I glared at him and started walking towards the bathroom, rolling my eyes as I did so, “And don’t roll your eyes at me, you still owe me for walking in while I was showering!” 

I slammed the door shut at his remark and yelled loudly for him to hear, “Like as if that was such a punishment for you!”


After taking a shower, doing my makeup and picking an outfit, I never thought I could get ready so quickly. I chose a simple strapless white dress that poofed out to my knees along with tan oxfords and and was putting a turquoise flower in my hair when I walked out of the bathroom. “Okay I’m ready!”

They were sprawled on the tan couch (fully clothed thank god), and I saw their eyes trail from my shoes to the turquoise flower that I was attempting to place delicately in my hair. I sighed at their noticeable reaction and shook my head, “Are you guys going to keep staring or are we gonna leave?” I opened the door and stepped out hoping they’d follow. 

Harry was the last one to file out and I realized why. Because as he exited the door, he placed a warm hand, that reminded me of just baked brownies, on my bare shoulder and whispered, “Guess I was wrong , you do clean up pretty well.”

Six people squishing into a car that was made for 5 was not fun. I was forced to sit on Liam’s lap, going against Harry’s disapproval, and was awkwardly pressed up against Zayn who smelled lightly of cologne. 

“Well this sure is uncomfortable,” I said under my breath. 

I felt Zayn’s chuckle reverberate through my chest, “It sure is fun to see Harry’s face though.”

I nonchalantly glanced over at Harry and sure enough a scowl was permanently etched over his face. I giggled and turned back to Zayn, “Yea I guess sitting on Liam was worth it after all.”

Zayn laughed loudly as Liam scoffed and released his hold on my waist that was keeping me steady, “Would you rather sit with Harry then?” Liam teased.

“Heck no,” I whispered only loud enough for both of them to hear. From what I saw, it seemed as if Niall and Louis were disinterested in what was going on and where more concentrated on their phones than anything, Harry on the other hand looked as if he was trying so hard not to look at us. The three of us went into fits of laughter. 

Liam leaned into me and said softly so that only Zayn and I would hear, “You really should not play hard to get, it will only make Harry fancy you even more.”

I scrunched my eyebrows, “I’m not playing anything with him, he’s the one doing everything,” I admitted honestly.

“Figures,” Zayn sighed and leaned back on his seat.
As we pulled up to the studio I couldn’t help but feel relieved when I got off Liam’s lap and wasn’t as close to Zayn. To be completely honest, I didn’t know how to be around them, sure I was myself but I found them attractive and I felt like…I should care about how I act when I’m with them. And either way, I can’t be with either of them, I simply can’t.

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