4's A Crowd

Recently moved into a new flat, Aspen Langford can't wait to explore London after living behind the convent gates for a year. Since moving there from California she was excited for a new adventure. But what happens when she's forced to move in with three other guys who seem completely infatuated with her. Every girl would be lucky to be in her place...thing is, Aspen has no clue who they are.


3. All's Fair In Love and War

Chapter 3: Aspen’s POV

I changed into my pajamas in the bathroom despite Harry’s dare to have me change in the living room. I almost laughed out loud to think he thought I was that stupid. Wearing my oversized t-shirt and shorts that met at mid-thigh, I pulled several blankets on top of my bed. Before I turned off the lights I peered over to the boys. Liam fell asleep on the floor, Zayn was also on the floor nearest to my bed, while Harry was fast asleep on the couch his nose twitching every now and then. To be honest, I never thought I’d ever see him look so peaceful. I noticed how quiet the house had one, and the three were most likely exhausted from the events from today and I wouldn’t blame them I was too, so I fell back onto the mass of pillows and closed my eyes.

Through the sereneness of the flat, the nightmares didn’t stop. Flashes of the red headed boy zoned in and out of my dreams; his malicious smile gleamed eerily in every scene. His hands turned to snakes as they coiled out and around my ankles then slid towards my legs. I kicked him, tried to jump out from his clutches but I felt imprisoned in his grasp. My mouth opened to let out a piercing scream but only silence engulfed the air. Closer and closer he got as he put his hands on my shoulders shaking me wildly like a doll. It took everything in my being to want to thrash at him but I just laid there immobilized already knowing the ending to this nightmare. His gray eyes seemed more dangerous than the fear the penetrated my body and I watched as he grew nearer-

“Aspen wake up!” My eyes shot open and the gray cynical eyes were replaced by a pair of warm brown eyes that appeared honey and lustrous at night. These pair of eyes were casting a look upon me that differed between the look of the red headed boy like night and day. These eyes belonged to Zayn and they look frightened and filled to the brim with worry. I took me a while to realize I was still panting and my legs were no longer trapped by snakes but instead entangled in my bed sheets. Zayn’s hands were still on my shoulders and I realized he was trying to get my attention.
“Are you okay?” Zayn repeated. I finally looked back at him and my fear left almost as quickly as it came.

I let out a shaky breath, “Yes, I’m fine just a little dazed.”
“You’re lucky Harry and Liam are such deep sleepers,” he said glancing over at them both of us grinning at the distant snoring in the background. 
“And you’re not?”
He shook his head as he ran his fingers through his ebony hair, “Unfortunately, no.”

“Oh I see,” I turned away from him trying my best to subtly compose myself in front of him.

“You were whimpering you know, in your sleep.”

I looked back at him, there was no way I could have possibly lied at that moment, because he heard everything. “Yea I do, I’m sorry I woke you but you should go back to sleep.” I swiftly pulled my sheets over my head and waited to hear him get up and leave but the sound never came.

He chuckled, “I’ll leave when I can stop hearing how fast your heart is beating,” he pulled the covers away from me and bunched them up in his large hands. The sudden exposure to the night air caused me to shiver, “You won’t get it back till you tell me you’re okay, and a convincing one at that.”

“I’m fine really,” I snapped at him.

“I don’t believe you.”

Attempting to grab my sheets back Zayn only put them further away. “Give them here!”

“Are you going to be okay?” He asked scooting closer to me holding the sheets over his head.

“Yes,” I lied.

He raised an eyebrow disbelievingly already seeing through my lie like glass. He then placed it over my lap in defeat. He shrugged, “Well seeing as I don’t believe you, I might as well give you a parting gift that will help you take your mind of things,” then he leaned towards me and at first glance I thought he would kiss me because it sure looked that way. Instead he gave me a hug. A hug. He left me with my eyes going as big as buttons more flabbergasted than disappointed. I’m sure he was used to girls acting that way around him since all he did after was get up and say goodnight all indifferently. But as he lay back down on the floor I saw him wink in my direction causing me to look away making him think I wasn’t staring at him. I leaned against the pillows turning to one side and waited till I heard his breathing turn slow and constant which was a good ten minutes. I got up and tip toed towards the kitchen my feet cold on the tile floor. Opening the fridge I took out the gallon of milk planning to make a bowl of cereal. And that’s when I saw him.

I opened my mouth to scream but he covered it and held a finger to my lips, “Sh! Do you want to wake up the rest of the building?” Harry whispered.

“What are you doing up?” I whispered loudly still shocked.

“I heard you and Zayn,” he smirked at my reaction, “I thought you said no boys?”

“I had a bad dream and he was just wondering if I was okay,” I said through gritted teeth.

Harry scoffed, “Sure,” he then looked down at my attire, “A little too skimpy to be wearing that to bed don’t you think?”

“Says the one who goes to be with almost no clothes on,” I motioned to his lack of pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

“What can I say it’s a bad habit of mine, getting naked all the time that is,” 

“Gross. Keep your boxers on.” 

“Well we really have go to stop meeting like this you with little clothing and me with none,” he bit his lip seductively but I had my fair share of experiences with boys that this had little effect.

I stepped away from him and got the cereal from the top shelf, “Oh please don’t flatter yourself Harry.”

He walked towards me his eyes glancing over at my bare legs, “But of course you can flatter Zayn? I’m not stupid I heard your conversation,”

I raised my eyebrow skeptically, “What flattering occurred? I just asked for my sheets back!”

“Quiet down Aspen,” he said covering my mouth with his hand as he heard Liam shifting on his bed on the floor. This time he spoke more softly, “Well let’s just say all’s fair in love and war.”

I rolled my eyes and lost my appetite for a midnight snack so I just crawled back into bed ignoring the fact that he was probably smirking in my direction. But right as my head sunk onto my pillow I realized how right Zayn was, what he did kept my mind far away from that memory of a nightmare. Instead I wondered why the area where he touched my bare shoulder still felt like it was on fire and why exactly is was that I still felt his breath hot on my neck when he whispered in my ear earlier today. But that all seemed minutia to what Harry had said, “All’s fair in love and war.” So the question that posed new thoughts through my mind was, were we going to be engaged in love or war? Because as far as I knew love was the last thing on my mind.

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