Proposal - Why Australia should choose wind power.

This is a proposal on why Australia should choose wind power as their main source of energy! Its a school assingment... Hope you like :P its just the draft... please leave a message if you find any typos or sentences that dont make sense


1. The Proposal

Everyday people are becoming more and more worried about the reducing amount of coal and oils we have coming out of the ground. We all know that we need to find an alternative that is a cleaner, safer, renewable energy source, and I have just that, hence my proposal for making wind power a major part of Australian energy.

Wind power was first created by Charles brush in 1888 and since then has come a long way and can be found in a total of2119 places across Australia, often in windy plains or areas with less obstruction for the wind. The energy is created from wind rotating three blades connected to an axil. This axil is then connected to a large gear which in turn, rotates a smaller gear, this smaller gear is connected to a generator inside the turbine which converts the spinning of the gear into energy. The smaller gear rotates many more times and much faster than the blades of the turbine, meaning it creates more energy than if the axil was connected directly to the generator.

Australia should choose wind power as their major energy source because it is a clean source of energy and consumer not creates any gasses or oils as well as taking up little space one placed meaning the agriculture of grains, wheat and sugar can be done in and around the wind farms. While not only creating energy, wind farms also save the money of users, especially in the long run.

The presentation aspect of this proposal was done in the form of an advertisement one might see on television because it is more relatable and many interesting things can be done to make the advertisement interesting and persuasive, just like an advertisement for a new game or new piece of clothing, this advertisement will also include models to persuade on a further level.

Some important statistics or facts one might wish to know about wind power are; 

·         “According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), today an operating wind farm at a distance of about 750 to 1,000 feet is no noisier than a kitchen refrigerator or a moderately quiet room.” (Stated by writer from Rochester Solar Technologies. 2007) so even if people do complain of noise, there isn’t that much.   

·         It costs roughly 2-6 cents P/KWh to build.   

·         “Wind energy is the fastest growing segment of all renewable energy sources.”(Unknown Author, 2012)

·         “The wind energy industry is booming. Globally, generation more than quadrupled between 2000 and 2006” (National Geographic writer, 2012)


Overall, I believe that Australia should choose wind power because it is clean, sustainable, cheap and renewable plus the turbines are not flimsy, breakable or a threat to the environment, unlike turbines such as those used in tidal energy. I believe my choices and reasons are on good accord and are for the benefit of Australia.


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