Everything in Georgina's life has been slow moving. The rolling green pastures of Montana wasn't exactly her cup of tea. The pure drama she exuded was much more fitting in the city. So after high school-and a much needed scholarship- she sets off to London University to study drama. But after an overwhelming first semester what happens when she meets the witty Louis Tomlinson on the tube? Does she throw herself into a relationship too quickly? Can she handle the onslaught of emotions he makes her feel? Her life is finally moving at the pace she's craved for so long... but will she be able to control the ride?
This story will be, in some parts, a companion to my other story Round the Corner. No you do not have to read both to understand either of the stories. They will still be separate story lines.


4. Treacherous


I’m ashamed to say things got a little heated after that.

One moment it was a soft peck, our lips barely touching. And the next thing I know my books are on the ground, my hands are under Louis’ coat wrapped around his waist, his fingers buried in my hair and it was all just staggering.

I broke the kiss and leaned my head against Louis’ shoulder. Both our breathing was ragged, our hearts racing at miles a minute.

“That was…” he started but I took the liberty and finished for him. “Too much.”

I pushed away from him, trying to get air into my lungs. Covering my eyes, my head started to pound harder than a dubstep down beat. What was I doing? That was so stupid.

I felt Louis’ hand start to pet the back of my head. “G, are you okay?”

G? He’s already got a cute little nickname for me? Woah, way too fast.

I move away turning to look at him. “This… whatever this is, is overwhelming. I don’t know if I can handle this Louis.” He hung his head, one arm coming up to hold the other as he kicked the ground. The air was thick between us.

The wind rustled my hair and caused my notebook-which was still on the ground- to flutter. Louis startled me by bending down and gathering up my books once again. He stood straight and stepped close to me, his head inclined so I looked him square in the eyes. “I am terribly sorry… that you feel overwhelmed. But I’m not sorry that I kissed you.”

I opened my mouth to argue but his fingers came up and stopped my lips from moving. The pad of his thumb tugged my bottom lip from my teeth, tracing the outline afterward. “There’s something here G, something special.”

I find myself staring at the ground, contemplating what he was saying. I could feel something, something I didn’t understand –and frankly scared me- but it was something.

“Say that you don’t feel the same. Just say it and I’ll leave you alone.” Louis whispered near my ear, his breath fanning out hot against my skin making my whole body tingle unexplainably.

This was dangerous. He made me want to implode and I just met him!

I can’t do this. I can’t get swept away with this boy. It would be reckless.

His hand found mine linking out fingers together so lightly I barely registered the motion.

It would be stupid.

I lift my head finding us so close I couldn’t focus on his eyes-or my thoughts for that matter.

It would be amazing.

But I couldn’t possibly know that now. This early. Could I? No, no I’m right. I have to stop this before it gets out of hand.

“I don’t feel the same,” I say to him evenly staring at his eyebrows instead of his eyes.

“You’re lying,” he smirked.

“No I’m not.”

“You’re quite good at it, but it’s still lying.”

I scoff and back away, transitioning into acting mode. “Mr. Tomlinson I demand you hand me my books and let me leave at once.”

His eyebrows shot up, that smirk on his pink lips still upheld. “You demand? I’m sorry but I don’t take commands, you’ll have to be a little nicer than that.”

“Fine, please give me my books and let me leave.”

He appears to be thinking, holding his chin and looking at me through squinted eyes. “You know what I think I’ll hold on to these. Been thinking about going back to school recently.” He opens up my Lit book and thumbs through it.

“This is ridiculous Louis. Just give the book to me.” I was starting to get frustrated. If I didn’t leave soon my resolve would break and I would probably end up tackling him.

Maybe squeezing that tight ass of his. Oh no it’s starting.

The smirk on Louis face vanished, being replaced with a look of concern. “Hey, I’m sorry. Here’s your books I wasn’t trying to make you mad.” 

I took the books and held them close to my chest. “It’s not just the books. We’ve only just met and all this is going so fast. I mean I have been so overwhelmed with my first semester here and I’ve been looking forward to this break for so long and I just don’t think I can handle all of this right now. It’s just too much.”

He shushed me softly, stepping a little closer and placed a hand on my arm. “Have you quite finished?”

I nodded going speechless with the mere touch of his finger tip. “You’re not supposed to ‘handle’ this sort of thing. It’s supposed to be out of your control and frenzied.”

I couldn’t move away. I was locked in on his stare and I physically could not move. He stepped even closer, pushing some brown locks up and over my ear.

“I just want to get to know you.” His voice was so soft and low. “Take the leap with me.”

Stop. Stop looking at me like that. You’re gonna have me melt; end up as a puddle on the floor.

This was dangerous. I could feel it in my bones. Question is… do I like that feeling? It would definitely be a change from the usual “goody-two shoes” I usually am. I can’t believe I’m going to do this.

“Ok,” I squeeze out, blood pumping rapidly through my head, sending dizzying spots to my eyes. 

I was taking a leap, now I just have to see what’s waiting for me at the bottom. 


It took WAY too long for me to write this chapter! :/ It just didn't want to cooperate. I'm pretty okay with the way it ended though. :) Are you liking it? Last time I looked I had almost 200 views! That's amazing guys! Thank you! Please tell me anything! Seriously, anything! :) Love you all babes!

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