Everything in Georgina's life has been slow moving. The rolling green pastures of Montana wasn't exactly her cup of tea. The pure drama she exuded was much more fitting in the city. So after high school-and a much needed scholarship- she sets off to London University to study drama. But after an overwhelming first semester what happens when she meets the witty Louis Tomlinson on the tube? Does she throw herself into a relationship too quickly? Can she handle the onslaught of emotions he makes her feel? Her life is finally moving at the pace she's craved for so long... but will she be able to control the ride?
This story will be, in some parts, a companion to my other story Round the Corner. No you do not have to read both to understand either of the stories. They will still be separate story lines.


1. Stupid Crossword

Hey! This is the Louis Tomlinson story I've been working on along with "Round the Corner." Hope you enjoy!


I could hear the screeching wheels of the subway as it pulled up in front of me.

I rubbed the exhaustion out of my eyes as I boarded, taking one of the empty seats as the sliding doors closed. I took out this morning’s paper from my bag and shut out the surrounding noise, focusing on the half-finished crossword puzzle.

I had been up all night studying for my midterms this morning; I was nearing the end of my first semester abroad in London. I was beginning to miss home and the workload was physically and emotionally straining. For some strange reason, doing the crossword puzzle was one of the only things that would relieve my stress.

As the train pulled into another stop, I was so involved with completing my puzzle that I barely noticed when someone took the seat next to me.

I mumbled to myself as I raced through the questions, but found myself stuck on the last row:

Refers to the immediate holiday after Christmas.

“But New Years Eve doesn't fit,” I muttered to myself, chewing on my pencil eraser.

“Boxing Day.” I raised my head to see a young man smiling back at me.

“Excuse me?” I asked, somewhat confused.

He chuckled, pointing to the paper in my hand. “Boxing Day. It’s the answer to your last question.” I shot him a look.

“Do I look stupid to you? That’s obviously not a real holiday.” All he did was smile as he pulled out his smart phone, typing away. I rolled my eyes, gazing back down at my unfinished crossword. I didn't get any further, though, because the phone was dropped on my lap.

It was opened to a page titled “Boxing Day.”

Holy crap it’s actually real. I smirked at him as I handed the phone back to him, saying “Thanks for the enlightenment.”

As I began to fill in the final answer, I was wrenched from my seat as the subway suddenly stopped in its tracks, throwing me into the lap of the stranger beside me.


Did you like it? This chapter is very short, the next one will be as well. But hopefully the others will be much longer. I know you might not like to comment-it does take up more of your time- but authors-especially just starting out authors- really appreciate comments. It not only gives us inspiration and motivation, but it shows potential readers that the story is good enough to give a chance. 

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