Everything in Georgina's life has been slow moving. The rolling green pastures of Montana wasn't exactly her cup of tea. The pure drama she exuded was much more fitting in the city. So after high school-and a much needed scholarship- she sets off to London University to study drama. But after an overwhelming first semester what happens when she meets the witty Louis Tomlinson on the tube? Does she throw herself into a relationship too quickly? Can she handle the onslaught of emotions he makes her feel? Her life is finally moving at the pace she's craved for so long... but will she be able to control the ride?
This story will be, in some parts, a companion to my other story Round the Corner. No you do not have to read both to understand either of the stories. They will still be separate story lines.


2. Romantic Comedies


The stranger smirked, “Normally I don’t like random girls from the tube on my lap, but for you I’ll make an exception.”

I scrambled out of his lap, trying to compose myself. “There isn't a thing in the world that could deem that comment acceptable.”

The young man laughed, his blue eyes sparkling. He reached out his hand in greeting. “I’m Louis, what’s your name?” I tentatively shook his hand. “I’m Georgiana, but my friends call me Gigi.” 

“Well, hello Gigi-” 

I covered his mouth with my hand. “No. My friends call me Gigi. I don’t even know you.” Louis’ eyes gleamed as he nipped at my finger. I pulled back shocked that someone I just met would have the nerve to bite me. “What the hell was that for?” I asked rubbing my finger on my scarf.

“You put your hand there; I thought it was an invitation.” He laughed again, probably at my shocked face, and turned his body to face me more fully. “So what is a beautiful American doing in London on this fine day?”

Unfortunately, I felt a blush creep up onto my cheeks at the mention of beautiful.

Damn blush. Always showing up at the most inappropriate times. I crossed my legs and arms, sufficiently closing myself off from the titillating young man. “Why should I tell you anything. You could be some sort of subway serial killer, and I just your new prey.” 

Louis smiled, one perfect dimple showing in the corner of his mouth. “Do I give off the air of a serial killer? Was it the stripes, or the suspenders that gave it away?”

A giggle bubbled up and shot out of my mouth before I could stop it. Pretending the giggle was a cough, I gave Louis the old look up. He was wearing a tan and navy striped shirt, suspenders, a tan coat, red jeans, and a pair of white Toms. “Okay, so maybe serial killer was a bit too far-fetched. Do you own a boat?”

“No, I do not own a boat. But surprisingly I get that quite a lot.”

The subway train lurched to a stop yet again. Looking up, I noticed this was where I had to get off. “Well, it was lovely talking to you Louis, but I’m afraid this is my stop.” I start to gather up all my stuff.

“Where are you going?” He asked, the happy tone in his voice disappearing. I looked over to the young man, his once sparkling eyes now dull.

“I have my exams today,” I whisper finding myself getting closer and closer to him.

He nodded, his eyes flicking between my eyes and my lips. Instinctively, I licked my lips, secretly loving how his eyes darkened. “I have to go.” I finally manage to say, standing up and walking out into the mob of people on the subway platform.

“Wait, you won’t even tell me where you study?” He called out from the doors of the train.

“London University!” I shout, turning away just as the doors close shut. I pulled my jacket snug around me, wondering when my life turned into the beginning of a Rom-Com.


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