Flying Start

This is a short one direction fan fix of Niall recognizing you as a girl from his dream while you are on an airplane. Something goes wrong and the possiblilties are endless.


1. The Dream Girl

You board ur flight because ur heading back home from a lovely vacation and as u step into the plane your face light up with surprise as 5 perfect guys greet you are the entrance. “Hello love enjoy ur flight” Louis says as u walk by. U smile and walk by not knowing what to say. The boys say hello as u walk by and take ur seat. U sit alone in your row so u sit by the window and watch as the plane takes off. As u look out the window someone sits besides you and u don’t bother to look thinking its only another traveler. U take out ur iPod and play some music in ur head phones and close ur eyes trying to fall asleep. U feel ur neighbor’s weight shift towards u and u open ur eyes to see niall sitting besides you. “Whatta ya listening to?” He asks with his heart-stopping accent. You hesitate and try to change the song before he sees it…but its too late..he saw. He smiles “One Direction ay? My favorite one too. I love One Thing” he says as he looks into ur eyes. You smile “its my favorite one too. I skip to ur part all the time and…” u pause and blush realizing you’ve said to much. He smiles. “its alright don’t be embarrassed” he says still looking Into ur eyes. “Do I know you??” He asks looking into ur eyes and it sends shivers down ur spine. You shake ur head “I don’t believe so..” you say. He looks at u questionabley. “Ur eyes look so familiar… is your….does your name Happen to be *ur name here* ?” Your eyes wide with surprise “ya umm that’s me…” you say. He smiles. I dreamed about u *ur name here*. We were together and u sang to me your voice like an angel. You kissed me…you lips so soft and moist….you looked at me..your eyes so gentle and bright…” he leans in and kisses you. The kiss only lasts for a few seconds but to u it feels like an eternity. He pulls away. "it really is you" he smiles.  You look to him And say " I've gotta be dreaming.. This is too good to be true".  He smiles and his eyes delicately stare into urs. "if this is a dream then i hope you never wake up." you blush as he takes ur hand and holds it in his. You say to yourself "i really hope this isn't a dream" he laughs "ya me too" 
   Harry walks up behind Niall "come on Niall we gotta do this all together we cant let you have all the fun" you smile as Niall gets up. "this is *your name here* ya know.. From that dream i told u about.." Harry looks to u "ya gotta be kidding me!! She does fit the description!" harry calls the other boys to come and see. They all oooh  and aww at the sight. Niall laughs "alright boys back away she's mine" he turns and winks at you. You blush and smile. A flight attendant walks up to louis and whispers something in his ear. Louis's smile fades and he looks worried and serious. He gives the boys a look that you can't translate. Niall gets up "I'll be right back" he says as he follows the guys up to the front of the plane. You sit there scared. You don't know what's going on and the possiblities are endless
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