The Road to Fame

It all started with her Xfactor audition, she was so innocent and sweet, only 16 years old. TO her surprise she gets four yeses. As she makes her way through the rounds, she realizes that being her ordinary sweet self won't win her votes. to spark her flame to fame she has to make changes to her appearance and personality. Will she change or will she stay who she is?


1. The Auditon

Kaylynn bit her nails nervously backstage. Owen wrapped his arms around her tightly. "calm down its gonna be okay you can do this I believe in you" he said brushing his lips against her cheek. She smiled and kissed his lips quick. She and Owen had been together for two years now. "thanks hun" she smiled. "kaylynn?? You're up now.." the stage crew lady said handing her the mic. Kaylynn took it and looked up at Owen who flashed her a smile "go get em kazzy" he winked. Kaylynn took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. Demi greates her with a smile. "hi there!!" she shouted. Kaylynn smiled nervously. "hii" she spoke into the mic. "what's your name??" demi asked with a smile. "I'm kaylynn Zambarano.. From providence..." she replied "nice to meet you kaylynn... Now what will you be singing for us today?" Simon asked trying to get to the point. "I chose And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson." she replied. The judges rolled their eyes. " well good luck with that..." he replied. Kaylynn took a deep breath as the music began to play. She closed her eyes and began to sing while imagining she was alone. The room fell silent as each note flowed smoothly out of kaylynnand through the microphone. She hit every high note and held them with perfection. Owen smiled backstage. As the song came to an end, she opened her eyes to see the judges in awe. Their jaws dropped and their eyes wide. "wow" Simon said finally breaking the silence. " I was not expecting that..." he continued as he bit the end of his pen. Kaylynn smiled."so uh where's the tape recorder?" demi asked looking aound the stage.. kaylynn and the audience laughed. "how old are you kaitlyn?" Britney asked. kaylynn spoke into the mic. "16" she replied. "with a voice like that i would have guessed older" L.A Reid began.. "i mean your a natural!" he finished. Kaylynn blushed."thanks" she smiled. "i would like to start a vote with a 10000000% yes" demi smiled. "well its a yes for me too" britney agreed "yesz for me also." L.A answered. "pshhh im in love with you..youve got four yesses." simon cheers. kaylynn smiled wide "wow oh my gosh thanks!" she cheered as she ran off the stage and into ownes awaiting arms. he spun her around and kissed her cheek. "i knew you could do it!" he smiles. kaylynn blushes and kisses him quickly. "i cant believe this ahgg im so excited!" 

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