The Road to Fame

It all started with her Xfactor audition, she was so innocent and sweet, only 16 years old. TO her surprise she gets four yeses. As she makes her way through the rounds, she realizes that being her ordinary sweet self won't win her votes. to spark her flame to fame she has to make changes to her appearance and personality. Will she change or will she stay who she is?


2. Boot Camp

Week 1

kaylynn zat on the floor of the stage beside almost 120 other people who had made it past the auditions. today was the first day of boot camp. kaylynn had heard so many scary stories about these rounds. she was warned that this was where all the drama started. for this round of boot camp, everyone had to sing part of a song in front of everyone. as the first couple of people sang she began to feel that she wasnt supposed to  be here. everybody was so good. but the contestant who really imtimidated her was Roselle Garland. she had such an amazing voice. sure a few notes here and there were flat and off key but boy did hse have a voice. kaylynn knew right away that Roselle was her biggest threat. "kaylynn Zambarano..." Britney called. kaylynn stood up and took a deep breath she accepted the microphone and took one last look arounf her. the music began to play. she had chosen aint  no other man by Christina Agularia.  her first high note was breath takingly perfect. her words flowed smoothly and steady. each note was right on pitch and perfect. the rest of the contestants watched in amazement as the huge voice of the small girl that stood before them filled the room. The judges jaws dropped. Kaylynn opened her eyes as her minute was up. She looked to the ground and sat back down next to some random boy who looked about her age. "Wow ur really good " He whispered to her. "Thanks but I think I was a little flat..."she replied back softly. The boy shook his head "no that was perfect... you are beautiful....I mean uh " He laughed nervously "your voice is really pretty." He corrected himself. Kaylynn smiled "thanks...I'm kaylynn" she said holding her hand out for him to shake. He shook her hand. "I'm .." he began but Simon called out his name "Adam Zordim" Simon announced. "That's me" Adam smiled as he stood up and started to sing in the center of the stage. He sang "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars. His voice was very pop like and he had that teen cutie look that fan girls obsess over. Kaylynn could tell that Simon had his eyes on Adam. She smiled and closed her eyes as she began to feel herself drift away with his lyrics. her heart beat to the rhythm of his song.  she felt herself falling in love...again? no no no.. she couldnt she was already in love with owen. she opened her eyes just as the song ended feeling remorse. adam smiled and sat back down next to Kaylynn. "so whatta ya think? am i good?" he smiled. kaylynn laughed. "yes yes you are.." 


Week 2

it was duet week. all the contestants sat anxiously looking around at their possible partners. who was going to be with who? kaylynn sat on the floor and played with her phone. the judges sat before them going over the lists one last time. "okay ready? just a reminder. you and your partner will be sharing a room! you could both be safe or both of you could be going home. or just one of you will stay. its all about the preformance!" demi smiled and looked down to her list. "Brandon and Josh" she read. "danielle and Sarah." sarah got up and eyed me as she walked by with danielle. it sent a shiver down my spine. "adam and Kaylynn" she continued. Adam flashed her a smile as they walked out together. tehy were handed a list of songs. "lets do a one direction song" he suggested as he flipped throigh the list. kaylynn smiled and stood behind him as she peered over his shoulder. "lets do i wish.." he said as he looked back and down at her with a smile. "sure" she replied. he took her hand and guided her to their room. 

     they started practicing right away. they spilt up their parts and decide to harmonize the chorus. Adam had a plan. he liked the girl who sat beside him. he thought she was beautiful and had an amazing voice. but he saw her audition, he knew about owen. thats why he chose the song. he would sweep kaylynn off of her feet with his charisma and voice. "lets get the judges attention so they remember us." he blurted out kaylynn shot him a look. "what do you mean?" she asked with an innocent tilt of her head. "lets act out the lyrics... sing them like we mean every word.." he explained. kaylynn bit her bottom lip. "i dont know..i dont feel comfortable doing that.. i mean... i have a boyfriend...and this isnt the hunger games...were not katniss and peeta.." she laughed. Adam laughed but he got what she was implying. "i totally understand." he said as he peered into her eyes, kaylynn couldnt help but to stare back. "well i mean...i guess we could.." she gave in. she was never really good at speaking her mind. she was more of a follower than a leader. Adam smiled. "this is going to be a performance theyll never forget." he beamed. 

     they stepped onto the stage from opposite directions. the music began to play, kaylynn starts off with the nanananas. adam sings "he takes your hand, i die a little i watch you eyes, and im in riddles. why cant you look at me like that?" this time adam does the nanananas. kaylynn sings "when you walk by, i try and say it but then i freeze and never do it, my tongue gets tied my words get strapped."  "i hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever im near you" adam sings. they harmonize the chorus. and the two sets of nanananas. adam takes one of kaylynns hands and looks her in the eyes as he sings harry's part. "he looks at you, the way that i would. does all the things i know that i could." he sings to her  "if only time could just turn back" she sings and they sing in harmony again looking at eachother. kaylynn begins to feel uncomfrtable singing with him. she feels herself falling in love, and it was wrong. the song ends and kaylynn runs off the stage, like she was supposed to do. she returns as demi starts to talk. "what a performance that was...both vocally and performance wise. you put on a good felt like you guys meant every word of the song.and i loved what you did with it," sh smiled. simon looked at them. "i agree with demi. and it warms my heart that you chose a One Direction song." he said with a suspiscous looking smile as he peered at kaylynn, "do you like them" he asked "i doo" demi said to herself but the mic picked it up. "no only like Niall dont lie" he teased. demi blushed "shut up simon!!" she whined and laughed. adam and kaylynn laughed. "no but really do you like them kaylynn?" he asked. she nodded. "im a pretty big fan i guess" she smiled.

week 3

this was it...half of the people she was in the room with were going home. kaylynn bit her nails nervously praying to the gods above that she wouldnt be going home.  they started calling names and contestants lined up. the group stepped out onto the stage. kaylynn sat beside adam in the holding room. "hey it is okay,,dont be nervous.. you made it on.. i know you did..." he reassured her. kaylynn smiled faintly still staring into space. "thanks adam" she said as she continued biting her nails. group after group after group went onto stage to face their fate. soon there were only two groups left. "Roselle, allie, alex, josh, nickole, kyle and adam" the stage crew member read. kaylynns eyes went wide. adam got up and frowned down at her. "dont worry.." he said as he and the rest of his group walked onto the stage. kaylynn knew this was it. she wasnt in the same group as adam or roselle.. minutes passed but they felt like hours. finally kaylynn and her group were called onto stage. kaylynn looked down the row and then down to the floor as she held in her tears "this is by far the hardest thing we've ever had to do..i mean everybodys so talanted... so we have to go throughg and pick those who promise a bright as much as this hurts to say this." L.A began. "your going to have to pack your bags." "BECAUSE YOUVE AL:L MADE IT TO THE JUDGES HOUSES!!!!!!" demi shouted. kaylynn and her group jumped and screamed. she got hugs from people she didnt even know. this was by far the happiest moment of her life. everyone ran down into the coridor where they were greeted by the others who made it. adam gave her a hug and congratulated her. "see i told you!" he smiled. kaylynn smiled wide and tooke out her phone, she called Owen. "kaylynn?" he asked "guess what!!" she exclaimed. "OH MY GOD NO WAY! YOU MADE IT!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!" he shouted on the other line "aww i love you too!! i miss you!" she smiled. "i miss you too! good luck! i have to go baby.. i love you!" he said as he kissed the phone. "love you ttoo bye" she said as she hung up.  

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