The Road to Fame

It all started with her Xfactor audition, she was so innocent and sweet, only 16 years old. TO her surprise she gets four yeses. As she makes her way through the rounds, she realizes that being her ordinary sweet self won't win her votes. to spark her flame to fame she has to make changes to her appearance and personality. Will she change or will she stay who she is?


4. A Little Time Off

Kaylynn sat on her bed in the hotel and took out the scrap of paper. there was a phone number followed by the letter Z. she entered the number into her phone and sent "hi" to it. she placed her phone down on the bed as Adam walked in. "so did you tell Owen yet?" he asked with a smile. kaylynn shook her head. "well you should, id bet hed love to know!" he laughed as he sat on his bed. "lets go celebrate.." adam continued as he peered towards her. "im only 16, i dont drink" she replied blatantly as she looked at her phone. Adam laughed again. "and im only 18 i cant either... i meant like go for ice cream or something.." he replied. kaylynn shook her head. "lactose intolerant" she said still staring at her phone. "how about pizza then?" he asked. "i have a boyfriend.." she stated as she looked up at him. "woah slow down girl!" he laughed. "since when was going out for pizza mean going on a date?" kaylynn laughed "okay fine.." she smiled as she slipped her iphone into her pocket. 

Adam and Kaylynn walked down to the pizza joint down the street from their hotel and ordered a small pizza.  they sat down at a small booth. "I can't believe that we made it to the live shows!" Kaylynn smiled before taking a bite of her pizza. Adam smiled back. "i that there's only one winner though." he said as he took another slice. kaylynn nodded and chewed her pizza. she was very polite and didnt talk with food in her mouth. "well you're going to win so you have nothing to worry about." she laughed. her phone buzzed. she peered at it quickly. it was from the number she had texted earlier. she slipped it back in her pocket not wanting to be rude. "me? win? why do you say that? i mean you have an amazing voice!" he smiled taking a bite. "well cause you are a guy...You will never see a girl win any singing competitions because now a days only cute guys that look and sing like Justin Bieber can really achieve 'fame' you know what im saying?" she explained as she put her pizza down. "that's not true! neon hitch is famous! she just started off!" 

"neon hitch is a slut, thats why she is well known."

"well how about fergie?"

"shes hot"

"what does that mean? youre not so bad yourself?"

Kaylynn gave Adam a weird look. 

"im not 'Hot' im innocent and petite." 

"well yeah but.."

"being me isnt going to get me votes."

They continued talking and eating. by nine they went back home to their hotel. they began packing for the contestant's home and Kaylynn took out her phone and read the message. 

"kaylin? right?"

She laughed a bit and corrected his spelling, everyone spelt her name wrong, but she couldn't blame them because she knew she had a peculiar name. "its spelt Kaylynn and yeah...Who is this?"

"oh ha sorry, It's Zayn..."

Kaylynn hesitated, "Haha real funny but seriously who is this?"

"lol its really me." Zayn replies and takes a picture of himself for proof.

Kaylynn laughs. "That was a quick, how did you find that picture so fast? it takes me forever to find one of those on Google."

Zayn sent about 80 more pictures of himself before kaylynn could believe it was indeed him.

"Okay okay I believe you you can stop now lol" kaylynn texted him. Her phone kept buzzing from all the texts

"I don't know now I was actually enjoying myself.. I'm just so sexy.."

Kaylynn laughed "face time me?"

"Sure :)" Kaylynn waited for zayn to call her. She answered the face time request to find zayn lying in bed holding his phone above him.

"hey" he smiled

"Hiii" She said softy. she put her headphones on so that she wouldn't wake up adam.

"Vas Happinen?!" He asked with a laugh.

Kaylynn giggled "nothing really just looking through the list of songs seeing which one to perform" she held the paper to the camera briefly.

"Oh you made it to the live shows! Congrats love!" Another person walked into Zayn's room.

"Heyy mate who ya talking to?" It was Niall. "Oh hey kayyyy" he smiles

"Sup Nialler" she asked. "Am I seriously talking to my favorite members right now? Oh my god..." Kaylynn thought out loud, She was in disbelief.

Niall smiled "You hear that Harry?! We are her favorites!" He turned and shouted.

Harry came into the view of the camera and pushed Niall out of the way. Niall tumbled to the floor.

"Woah woah woah. You no likely the Harry? why? You know im smexy."

"I never said that i didn't like you."

"But you implied it.." Haryy raised a brow.

Niall got up and pushed Harry taking his spot back. "You're such a cunt Harry"

Zayn laughed. "We are just a bunch of goofs"

"Yeah I know... The five idiots on the stairs"

"Exactly.." Niall added. Kaylynn laughed.

"Maybe we could help choose a song.." Zayn suggested trying to get back to their earlier conversation "If you'd like.."

"Sing one of our songs!!" Niall insisted.

Kaylynn shook her head "no way, never again."

"Why?" Niall stuck out his lower lip. 

"Way to risky with all the different voices.."

"Oh I see what you mean.." Zayn agreed.

Kaylynn looked over to Adam who was fast asleep on the couch. She turned back to the camera "I was thinking maybe doing Taylor Swift...You Belong With Me.." kaylynn explained. "it has some meaning to it."

"Taylor is pretty cool.." Harry smiled. Nial and Zayn turned to him and shot him looks and turned back to the camera.

Zayn turned back to his phone "You have an amazing voice I really can't wait to see you perform it on the live show." He smiled.

Kaylynn froze "you mean to tell me that One Direction is coming to my performance... well ill be damned." she started to get nervous. She couldn't perform in front of the boys, she could barely stand doing it in front of millions of people.

"Yeah of course. we are performing a few songs the next day so we are gonna be there for the performances too." Zayn explained. 

Niall turned to them and smiled.

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