Live While We're Young

Ariana , One Direction biggest fan get suprisingly invite to a party hosted by the boys. Follow Ariana's adventure thought this fan fiction! xx


3. Town Square Time

Ariana couldn't stop looking up. This topped everything and anything in South Carolina. When she stopped looking up, she started to walk towards a popular bar. She knew her mom would never allow this but tonight was her night. She wanted to live life tonight. When she walked in the bar, all of the young men's eyes went straight to Ariana. She sat down on a stool and pretended like she was doing something on her phone. Before she new it there were about 5 glasses of wine at her table from the young men. For once in her life, Ariana felt like she was pretty, maybe even hot. This night pumped her for the CD signing. Ariana would get lightheaded everytime she even thought about the five boys seeing her. In a few seconds Ariana had a panic attack. What was she going wear? She practicly jumped out of her seat and left the bar to go shopping. When she got out of the bar. She started looking for any store. She found a hipster looking store and went in. The store was practicly here dream closet. She ended up buying almost 200$ worth of clothes, but it was all worth it. She settled on a belly shirt that showed all the right curves. To match the belly shirt, she got skin tight leather pants and studed black 7 inch heels. To pull the look off, she got her belly button pierced across the street in a store called 'Pain'. Figures. She was ready for the signing. For once in her life, she could say with confidence "I am sexy." When she was done shopping, she got a taxi and headed to the hotel. When she arrived at the hotel, she went straight to her room. She was so excited about her new outfit and she couldn't stop looking at her diamond belly button ring. Ariana knew tomorrow would be the best day of her life.
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