Live While We're Young

Ariana , One Direction biggest fan get suprisingly invite to a party hosted by the boys. Follow Ariana's adventure thought this fan fiction! xx


2. New York Baby

Ariana was about to spend all of her lifesavings on this trip. She was willing to do just that. She stepped off the airplane and she went to go claim her bags. Ariana didn't realize how much stuff she packed. With her clothes bag, makeup bag, and electronic bag, she got a taxi and went to her hotel. When she arrived, all she could do was look up. Her hotel had to be at least 50 floors. It reminded her of The Tipton Hotel on one her favorite childhood shows The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. She walked in and straight ahead was the check in counter. A middle aged women helped Ariana. After she grabbed her electronic cards, she went in an elevator up to the 28th floor. Once she found the room N18 she slid the electronic card in the slot and the door propped open. As soon as the door opened, she stepped inside and dropped her bags. She wanted to see every inch of the room. It was so weird that Ariana had her own hotel room. She was still in shock her mom had let her go on this trip. When she was done admiring the room, She unpacked a weeks worth of clothes and make up. She told her mom the trip was a week  but really it was two day. She wanted as much time as possible to be in New York. She defiantly wanted to go out in the city tonight. "Is 18 to young?" she thought. If she really wanted to she could just stay in her hotel room and watch 'Breaking Amish' all night. But no, she decided she was going out. It was getting later and later. Finally Ariana was done picking out her outfit. She changed into super skinny jeans, a very tight cami, and a cute leather jacket, and to top it off black 6 inch heels. She was ready. She was excited. Her time had come. She grabbed her purse, electronic key, wallet and looked in the big mirror one more time to admire her curves. She headed out the door. She went down the elevator and arrived in the lobby. She finally got out of the hotel and got a taxi. When the taxi arrived at Town Square she got out. She paid the man and looked in all directions. She was so overwhelmed. She whispered to herself "New York baby".

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