Live While We're Young

Ariana , One Direction biggest fan get suprisingly invite to a party hosted by the boys. Follow Ariana's adventure thought this fan fiction! xx


1. Departure to One Direction

"Ariana Lopez you need to get your butt down here or we are not going" my mom said as I was finishing up putting on my new cover girl lipstick. I have been counting down for this day for two years now. The day I would even get a glimps of One Direction. They are not my obsession, they are my life, and my everything. I felt like I over did it with the outfit. I started to regret my black mini skirt and red belly shirt... Oh well it was to late. I finished putting on my red heels and I ran down the stairs. HONK. "Ariana Lopez this instinct" my mom said in Mexican. My mom knows I hate when she talks in Mexican because I only know like two Mexican words. I opened the passenger side door and sat down. My mother about had a heart attack when she saw what I was wearing... I'm sure when she was kid they didn't allow 18 year old girls to wear mini skirts and belly shirts with six inch heels. But that was then and this is now. I didn't care what my mom thought, I was going to impress the boys one way or another. *3 hours later* "Ariana wake up we are here." my mom said with no emotion. I slowly started to realize what was happening and a few seconds later I screamed as loud as I could without causing an accident. I grabbed my bags from the back of her car and quickly ran into the airport. I looked for ticket sales but I couldn't find them. Finally after a while I found them. I hurried up onto the airplane and took my seat. I thought I was late but I was the first person on the plane. I took a window seat towards the back of the plane. I hoped I didn't have to sit by some fat smelly guy. Luckily a girl who looked younger than me sat by me. Finally the plane lifted off the ground and was headed to New York. For once I was glad I live in South Carolina so the flight wouldn't be so long. I was basically on my iPhone the whole time. The plane finally came to a stop. I still couldn't believe I was in New York by myself to meet One Direction.

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