1. Accidentally in love<3

Hey my name is Haley! I am 19 years old and am currently going to live with my Aunt and uncle In Doncaster London. My mom and dad sent me away here to "tour the world". But I know it's just because they want me to get over my exboyfriend Taylor.
Me and Taylor broke up a about 4 months ago, when I caught him cheating on me with my best friend Kirrin. So they think its best for me to go off for a little while, and I'm okay with that I loved my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Drake.


3. Truth or Dare Haley?


             We started to play and Harry went first grabbing a coke bottle and sitting  it in the middle of us. He spun it and it landed on Niall. They all laughed as Harry said "Niall, truth or dare.""dare!",Niall yelled. "hmm,I dare you to take off your shirt for the next three questions!" wow really Harry, this is how were playing?"challenge accepted!"Niall said taking off his shirt. I'm not  gonna lie to ya, so far I'm liking truth or dare, Niall looked great with his shirt off. Niall went next and spun the bottle ,it landed on Louis.                        -Louis's POV- I wasn't even really paying attention, I was just watching Haley. She was beautiful, I loved the way her hair fell down her back and when she laughed you could see a tiny dimple on one side but not the other, I didn't believe in love at first sight, but what was happening to me?? Suddenly I heard Niall say"Louis," and I looked at him and he said " Truth or dare?" "um,dare." "I dare you to switch clothes with Zayn!!" me and Zayn look at each other and I die laughing at the look on his face as I realized I was wearing red skinnies, a striped shirt, suspenders, and toms. We went and swapped clothes and when I got back Niall had his shirt on and the bottle had landed on Haley.                      -Haley's POV- Me! Oh I hope Liam goes easy on me. "Haley,truth or dare??" "Dare," I say shyly. "Oh,you can't be shy," he said, " um, Haley I dare you to kiss Louis." I give him an evil look as he says " for 30 seconds." "30 seconds!?" Niall yells and they all laugh. I look at Liam and he says "oh, are you a chicken?" and they all, except for Louis, flap their arms and act like chickens. " I'm no chicken," I say looking at Louis, I grab his shirt and pull him to me and we kiss for 30 seconds. When we are done both of us are like out of breath and I'm kind of star struck. That kiss was...wow!                      -Louis's POV-  Wow, I have never felt like this before. Do I love her? Is that possible? I barely even know her! I don't even know her last name! That kiss was great. I have to talk to Harry about this, am I going completely insane??                    -Haley's POV- After that aunt Carrie came out and told me I had to leave. They all said "Aww, does she have to go?" and we laughed and I stood up. I gave them my number and they all hugged me and we left, that was so much fun! I loved hanging out with the boys! When we got home I took a shower and headed to bed.                      -Louis's POV-  The boys left after Haley  and I laid down and decided to text Harry.   Louis: hey haz x Harry: hey Lou. U alright seemed a little different tonight. x Louis: remember that girl i told you about , at the airport well that's Haley.x Harry: Wow, that's cool. x Louis:  yea, I don't know what's wrong with me I think I love her.  Harry: ask her out! Louis: where should I take her? Harry: that little Italian place in town.  Louis: thanks haz ! xx Harry: welcome Lou anytime xx
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