1. Accidentally in love<3

Hey my name is Haley! I am 19 years old and am currently going to live with my Aunt and uncle In Doncaster London. My mom and dad sent me away here to "tour the world". But I know it's just because they want me to get over my exboyfriend Taylor.
Me and Taylor broke up a about 4 months ago, when I caught him cheating on me with my best friend Kirrin. So they think its best for me to go off for a little while, and I'm okay with that I loved my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Drake.


5. My Date with Louis


Oh, great I had a date with Louis tonight, at 6 it was 4:30 now so I decided I would take a shower so I would be ready when he got here. When I got out the shower I got dressed, I wore some skinnies and a cute little tank top thing that I wear with a belt and some brown boots. I blow-dried, and straightened my hair and put on my makeup, when I finished I looked at my phone to see the time, it was 5:55. Great, 5 minutes to spare! I grabbed my purse and headed down stairs. A couple minutes later Louis was here and it was time to go.    When we got in the car, at first it was a little quiet, oh great tonight is going to be ackward. Finally Louis asked,"How are you liking London so far?" "It's  great," I replied," it will probably be even better when I start making friends and have people to talk to and things to do."  "Yea, I'm sure it is pretty hard for you, the change and being away from your friends and all." The rest of the night went just like that from then on we never ran out of anything to talk about, I could already tell that me and Louis were going to be the best of friends. After dinner we went for a walk, he told me I needed to see London, and he was right, it was beautiful!                      -Louis's POV- "Wow," she said " It really is beautiful. Thank you Louis, I really have had fun tonight." I smiled and replied back "Anytime." we stood there for a moment just looking at the stars and staring into each others eyes, she looked beautiful, the way the light bounced off of her, she appeared to be glowing, and my heart was pounding," You look beautiful," I told her. She blushed, aww. Suddenly, we both started leaning in, I kissed her, and she kissed me back....                      -Haley's POV- It was beautiful out there, I was looking around at the stars and the light in the park it was incredible, all of a sudden he said "You look beautiful." and I blushed, he actually made me blush, what was wrong with me I just met this guy, next thing I know we are both leaning in and he kisses me, and I kiss him back. Did I like Louis? When we broke the kiss we both just looked at each other. He was so cute, and a gentle men. I shivered, it was cold outside. "Do you want my  jacket?""What? Oh no, thank you tho."" Oh really, it's alright" he says taking off his jacket and laying it over my shoulders."Thank you Louis," I say putting my arms through the sleeves. We start walking back to the car, are hands touch and he grabs my hand we walk all the way to the car hand in hand.                   -Louis's POV- I loved her already, she was beautiful, and she was polite. She may be a little insecure tho, I wonder why. That will change, she was so much fun to be around. We pulled up at her house and I went around and opened her door. "You didn't have to do that, I can open my door." she said grabbing my hand, as I smiled and helped her out of the car. I walked her to the door and we both started leaning in and I kissed her. Then she kissed me back.                       -Haley's POV- He was so sweet, I loved being with him, he was funny and when I was with him I felt like I had known him forever. He walked me to the door, and he kissed me and I kissed him back. After we broke the kiss I was so smiley I like couldn't get the smile off of my face. I waved and said "Goodnight Louis," he pulled me in for a hug and kissed my hair and said," Goodnight Haley."  
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