1. Accidentally in love<3

Hey my name is Haley! I am 19 years old and am currently going to live with my Aunt and uncle In Doncaster London. My mom and dad sent me away here to "tour the world". But I know it's just because they want me to get over my exboyfriend Taylor.
Me and Taylor broke up a about 4 months ago, when I caught him cheating on me with my best friend Kirrin. So they think its best for me to go off for a little while, and I'm okay with that I loved my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Drake.


8. Movie Day


After we left Starbucks we went to Harry's house. When we got there we decided  to have a movie day and watched all sorts of stuff ranging from the Notebook to  like Harry Potter. It was tons of fun when we finished watching movies I looked  at the clock and realized it was like 10:30. I panicked and called my aunt  Carrie. She picked up and said "Haley where are you!? We have been so worried?"  I quickly replied " Oh, it's okay! I'm at Harry's. We have been watching movies  and just lost track of time. I'm sorry I'll be home in about 30 mins." Then one  of the boys shouted "Sleep over!" and I turned around and gave them a your crazy  look while putting my finger to my mouth telling them to be quiet. Then Harry  asked," Haley do you want to just stay over? It will be fun we can play games  and watch some more movies!!" " I don't know,"I said to them. "Hold on let me  ask Carrie.""Hey aunt Carrie. Can I just stay here tonight? I'll be back  tomorrow tho I promise." she told me I could and the boys all ran and got  changed  into  there pajamas. I kinda just stood there until Louis came down and  asked me if I needed something to wear. I said "umm, sure," and I followed him  upstairs. They gave me some of his sisters pajamas. They were like really short  pj shorts and a little tank top thing. I really didn't care tho. After I got  changed I walked back down stairs.
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