1. Accidentally in love<3

Hey my name is Haley! I am 19 years old and am currently going to live with my Aunt and uncle In Doncaster London. My mom and dad sent me away here to "tour the world". But I know it's just because they want me to get over my exboyfriend Taylor.
Me and Taylor broke up a about 4 months ago, when I caught him cheating on me with my best friend Kirrin. So they think its best for me to go off for a little while, and I'm okay with that I loved my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Drake.


22. Baby Tomlinson


It was like one week until I was due. Today we were supposed to go to the  doctor. We woke up and got dressed. I wore a purple sun dress, dresses were like  the only things that fit me these days. Louis laughed at me, but he was also  very helpful. He made sure he always told me I looked beautiful, he knew I  wasn't comfortable with the big belly. We went to the doctor and they told me I  was 2cm dilated and that to have the baby I had to be 10. Great, I could tell  this was going to be a long uncomfortable week. They told me I could go into  labor at anytime. Louis was so excited he could hardly wait. Me on the other  hand, I was nervous. They really expected me to get a human being out of me? The  next few days were terrible. The closer I got to my due date the more  uncomfortable I was. I was probably driving Louis crazy, poor baby. We invited  the boys over later to try and take my mind off things. We were all sitting  there having a good time and laughing when all of a sudden my water broke. "Um,  Louis, I think my water just broke." I said as he looked at me kinda like what?  " What?" he asked staring at me. " The baby, Louis. It's time. My water just  broke." " Oh My Gosh." he said panicking. " Get the bag." He told Liam, " it's  on my bed." " Get my mom Niall." Miss Johanna came in while Louis and Harry were  helping me to the car. "What happened?"she asked. "Her water broke ," Liam said  running back from upstairs handing Louis the bag. We got to the hospital and  they wheeled my into a room. I was followed by all the boys, Miss Johanna, and  Louis sisters. Louis went and held my hand. Soon after the doctor came in. "Okay  I need everyone besides Louis to leave for a moment." "Harry call my sister." I  told him as he was wishing us good luck. I was 8cm, 2 to go until finally out  baby boy would be here.  It was gonna be a long night. The doctor left me and  Louis alone for a minute. " How do you feel?" Louis asked me. About that time I  had a contraction. After the contraction I told him," Not to great, but don't  worry, I'll be okay, you know how many baby's are born a day? This is natural.  And just think in a couple hours we will actually have a son." he smiled at  that. A couple minutes later the doctor came in and told us we should have a  baby before 12 am. We were so excited because it was now 10:45. Everyone came in  and wished us good luck and Harry told me Lacey and my friends would be here in  the morning. The doctor came in and told me it was time to push. I looked at  Louis who was holding my hand do tight, shouldn't I be the one killing his hand?  I the one having a baby, " This is it." I tell him and he bends down and kisses  me. After 45 long hard minutes of pushing, at 11:47 pm, our son Holden Jacob  Tomlinson was born. The nurses cleaned him off and Louis kissed my head. "I'm so  proud of you." he said with tears in his eyes. A couple minutes later the nurse  laid Holden in my arms. "He's beautiful." I said like crying and Louis came and  sat on the corner of the bed and placed his arm around us. They left us to have  a minute alone. "He looks like you." I told Louis. " He has your nose." he said  kissing the top of my head. The nurse popped her head in and asked if we are up  to company. I look up at Louis and nod. "Yes mam." The boys all walk in followed  by Miss Johanna. I look at Louis and ask," Do you wanna hold him." he smiled  really big and I slowly hand him our son. He is surrounded by the boys and Miss  Johanna. "Wow." they all said. "Adorable little grandson." miss Johanna said.  Louis looked at me,"She can hold him." I told him as he handed Holden to his  grandma. "What's his name?" asked Harry. I look at Louis and say," We decided to  name him Holden Jacob Tomlinson."I told them all. Then Louis little sisters came  in. They were like amazed. I was getting a little uncomfortable. I felt like  Holden should be in my arms, like he should be a part of me still. Louis noticed  I was getting anxious and came and sat by me. He whispered," You okay?" in my  ear. I shook my head. "What's wrong?" "I miss my baby," I said trying to laugh  but kinda crying. " Want me to get him back?" I shook my head and said," Will  you please just go watch him, and make sure he is okay." he kissed my head and  nodded and got up and walked to watch our baby. Miss Johanna looked back at me  after Lotte asked, "Can I hold him?" I looked straight at Louis. " I think mommy  is getting a little anxious," Miss Johanna said looking at me from the chair  they were sitting at. I looked at her and kinda just sat there  looking at  Holden. She got up and carried him to me and placed him in my arms. "Maybe a  little latter Lotte," Louis said smiling at me. What would I do with out him? I  laid there for a while as they were just talking and I fell asleep.                    -Louis's POV- We sat there talking until like 1:45. I turned to look at Haley who had fallen  asleep with Holden in her arms. He was the cutest baby I had every seen. She  said he looked like me but I saw her in him. He had her nose and facial  features. I was so proud of her. She had had a long day. I felt sorry for her  she was all hormonal and didn't like being away from Holden for long. She was so  beautiful asleep, holding our baby. I walked over and laid beside her putting my  arm around her and Holden pulling them close. "Maybe we should let them rest. It  has been a long night." my mom said. Haley woke up as they were all getting up.  "Goodnight Haley, Louis, and baby Holden. We will be back tomorrow it's late and  we want to let y'all rest." said my mom. Haley laid her head on my shoulder  as  she scooted up closer to me laying Holden in her arms. "I love you." I told her  kissing her on the lips. "I love you to." she said back and we laid like that  all night. Well I say all night, Holden woke up crying like 2hours later. The  nurse came in and got him and me and Haley fell back asleep.        The next morning I woke up to Haley holding Holden. I smiled and put my  arm around her. "How's it feel not being sick this morning?" I asked her joking  around. "Great." she replied back smiling really big back at me. She kissed me  on the lips and I kissed her back. Then Lacey, Kayla, Mary, and Ansley peeped  there heads in and asked if we wanted company.                 -Haley's POV-  My sister and friends were here now I missed them so much. I told them I was  pregnant via text message I mean that just wasn't right. My parents still don't  even know. How am I supposed to tell them now? Haha take a baby in and let the  meet my fiancé and baby? Haha I'm sure they will take that well. I'll just tell  them I didn't find out until I was in London and was pregnant and didn't want to  ride in a plane to much and wanted to tell them in person. Yep that will work.  Lacey walked over to me. "Awww he's the cutest little nephew, what's his name?"  "Holden Jacob Tomlinson." me and Louis replied smiling down at our baby. " Can I  hold him?" she asked. I nodded and handed her her little nephew. "He looks like  you." she said to Louis. I nod and say, " I told him that to but he said he  looks like me." they laugh and surround my baby. "hi baby Holden  I'm your aunt  Lacey , I will always have gummy bears." Lacey told Holden as me and Louis were  laughing. They all left a little later to get some lunch. Miss Johanna, Lottie,  Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe walk in. Daisy and Phoebe run to Louis and give him a  hug. The jump up on the bed and start looking at Holden, who is now sitting in  my arms. I just realized they were his aunts. They were so young! Daisy started  smiling  and looked at Louis. Louis walked over towards me and kissed me on the  head. " Can I hold him?" Daisy asked Louis. I looked at him, he looked at me and  asked "Can she?" I kinda looked at him then said, " I guess," she smiled really  big. "But, sit in Louis lap, and be very very careful please." "I think mommy is  worried." Louis said kissing me. I nod, "I don't know why I just don't like when  he isn't being held by me or you. I get all anxious." I told him as Daisy sat in  his lap. I kissed Holden on his head and laid him slowly in her arms. Louis  watched her carefully.  
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