The total change

One day I was goin to the mall and I saw Niall horan I went up to him and said " hi my name is Madison and I was wondering if I could have your autograph ? He looked at me said "hi" and then signed my notebook I said "thanks" then a lot of fans came rushing tword him and I turned around frowning and then just at my surprise Niall came rushing tword me saying "wait up " and the fans came racing after him . He grabbed me by the arm and he took me outside and hopped in him limo and told me to get in . So I did and the fans just came racing after the limo for like 5 minutes then they were slowing down. Then Niall said "I never got your name '' and I said "it's Madison" he said "cool name " I said " why
Did you want me to come with you " " you seemed different " Niall said really? I said yea Niall said would you maybe wanna come over tomorrow ? Niall said. Yea I would like that I said . Good sorry I took you with me it's just that you were so different than all the other fans you didn'


1. The new beginning

You didn't scream or anything Niall said . I know I didn't want to seem weird I said . Well guess I'll see you tomorrow Niall :) . Of course said Niall . I walked out of the limo and walked home . Hey what were you doing with that girl Harry said . Yea what were you doing Liam said . I was just talking to her she was Different from all the other fans . Oooh nialls in love zayn said . I guess I am . She's comin over tomorrow Niall said . Why Louis said. Because I invited her and don't freak her out Niall said . I really like her guys Niall said . We know zayn and Harry said . The next day at 4:00 pm I came . I knocked on the door . Niall answered it . Hey Madison please come in . I came in an sat on the couch . We talked for about an 1 hour than Harry came in . Niall come in here Harry said . What! Niall said . Ask her out on a date Harry said . Ok! Niall said . I have to go its getting late I said. Let me walk you home Niall said. Ok I said. So I was wondering maybe you would like to go out on a date with me ? I would love to I said . Oh there's my house I said . ill see you at 8:00 ok I said . YES ! Niall said . So what did she say Niall ? Harry said . She said yes . Tomorrow at 8:00 I went to nialls house and knocked on the door be answered it . Hey you ready Niall said . Yep I said. He opened the door for me and went to the other side of the limo. So where are you taking me its a surprise niall said . Ok I said . When we got here we were at a fancy restaurant. Called Rocco's . It was amazing ! When we were seated niall said can I have your number . Sure I told him my number then I said Niall my dance is saturday and I was wanting to know if you would like to go with me ? I would love to go with you madison ! Niall said .thanks I said . No prob Niall said . When it was time to go we headed for the limo and then we were at my house and Niall was beside me at the door and he said. I had fun tonight . Me too I said . I'll see you later I said . Bye Niall said . When the day of the dance was here i was at the top of the stairs when Niall came in and I walked down and he grabbed my hand . And opened the door for me . When we arrived at the dance . Everyone was surprised that Niall was going with me . People came rushing tward him . He said I'm just here to hang out with
My date sorry . I said thanks . Then when I wanted to take a picture in my pic he put his arm around me . Then we went to go dance a slow song started to play and niall asked me to dance and I said yea. Then when we started dancing and I looked into his eyes and he said " I think your the prettiest girl here . Really thanks Niall I said. I've been thinking lately and I think that we would be an amazing couple If you wanted to date but you probably wouldn't I'm so stupid why would I -- then suddenly niall leaned forward and kissed me . Then he said " I've been waiting for you to say that every since I met you niall said . Me too ! I said . Then Harry came in and said that a girl out here wants a pic of you really bad ! Fine ill be right back
Madison niall said . It's been like 5 minutes where is he . Then I went to go check where he was and a girl was kissing him and I said I can't believe you Niall ! I said crying . Then I went to go sit down and niall pushed her off of him . And came rushin tward me . I didn't kiss her she kissed me I would never cheat on you I love you ! Niall said. It didn't look like you loved me you were kissing her I don't like her I like you ill prove it ! Then he sand the sweetest song to me . And grabbed me And said will you be my girlfriend ? And I said of course . Then it was time to go and he took me home
And he said you belong with
Me ! I love you and he leaned in and kissed me . I love you too I said . Then we live happily ever after The end .

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