Louis has been dating a girl named tori for two year and they absolutely love each other until Harry came to pick tori up every night that's when Louis got curious


2. Getting ready

While Tori's is getting ready Louis is searching around the room looking for
Something "crap where is it?!!" Louis said nervously Tori came out the bathroom " where's what babe?" Tori' said smiling "nothin just go back to getting ready" said louis. Tori went
Back into the bathroom to put on her makeup, Louis walked in and said "now who
Is that beautiful girl I see in the mirror?" Tori just smiled. Louis heard Tori's phone
Beep of the hook but of corse the phone didn't beep when Louis was in the bathroom
"Lets go I'm ready" tori said "ok baby" said Louis and kissed her. Louis and tori were
Driving to the restaurant and again Tori's phone off the hook "soo who ya talking to?
Louis said really slowly. "Just some Friends"Tori said Louis just gave her a long look
"What?" Tori said "I'm just worried your cheating on me" Louis said

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