He came back

Zoe just wanted to have the perfect summer, she never expected that it would mean meeting somebody she hates. Louis was once her best friend, but that all changed after One Direction was formed. Zoe and Louis lived next door to each other growing up in Doncaster. They spent every day together but not for long. But they reunited Zoe still hating Louis and Louis just wants to be friends.


9. the suprise

Louis's -pov-


i stayed over at Zoe's house that night and slept on the couch.  when she woke up i had breakfast all ready and a surprise for her too.  "G'morning sleepy head" i said "i have a surprise for you at 12:00"  "what is it what is it" she said excitedly  "well i thought you might like to meet the rest of the boys, i figured you like them because you have there pictures all over your room"  "OH MY GOD REALLY I CAN MEET ONE DIRECTION" Zoe screamed so loud i jumped up and normally i make people jump.  we left the house at 11:30 and Zoe was wearing a custom made shirt we made last night that said "back of lady's this guy is mine ->" then mine said "lady's i'm afraid i'm taken with her->" we stood next to each other and held hands walking into the guys house.  

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